Why Booch is the new Booze and Benefits

Why Booch is the new Booze and Benefits of Incorporating Fermented Items in your daily diet!

Drinking alcohol is the quickest way to lower your vibration. Boozing up damages every cell in your body and causes you to overeat foods you probably wouldn’t touch while sober.

If you knew that drinking damaged your digestive track, endocrine system, caused inflammation and central nervous system damage and wreaked havoc on your immune system would you still do it?

The VIBE LIFE is all about raising your vibes in easy, holistic, affordable ways. Swapping what you sip on this summer will help you lose weight quicker, feel more energized and nourished so that you have energy the next day to live your life and not feel lousy!

VIBE LIFE Swap: Booze for Booch!

Kombucha is an incredible fermented beverage full of live bacteria. It’s sour taste and ability to take on different flavours has made it a household drink at most establishments in Vancouver. More bars and restaurants are brining booch on tap due to the rising demand from health-conscious folks who are saying no booze but want to enjoy a delicious beverage when they are out. Kombucha can be made at home too for cost savings and is a fun activity to do with your partner or kids to get the whole family involved.

Kombucha is just one of the many fermented foods that will contribute to raising your vibes. Consider adding sauerkraut, pickles, artichokes, miso, tempeh and kimchi to your diet. By eating fermented foods daily, you heal your gut which has ripple effects that improve all areas of your health. Eating your fermented foods is an affordable alternative to taking expensive probiotics which often don’t get absorbed properly and contain a small fraction of the living bacteria found in live food.

Tip: Vitamins and Minerals are best absorbed on an empty stomach in a raw liquid form.


3 Reasons to Eat Fermented Foods Daily:

  1. Boost your Immune System– Your gut houses 80% of your immune system and is your first line of defense against viruses and infections. Unprocessed fermented foods boost your immune system by creating more antibodies to fight off infectious disease. Living cultured foods contain a flora that coats your small intestines inner lining preventing pathogenic organisms like E. coli, salmonella and unwanted overgrowths of unhealthy yeasts like candida to take over.
  2. Better Digestive Health– Fermented foods are full of probiotics and healthy bacteria. Research shows that having a good balance of bacteria in your gut plays a major influence in your physical, mental and emotional health. The gut is your second brain, and many researchers point to the importance of having a healthy gut for your mental and emotional health.


  1. Weight Management– Sustainable weight loss depends on healthy digestion. You could be eating a health raw, vegan diet – but if your digestive track isn’t running properly, your body won’t be absorbing all the nutrition you put in! This is why healing your gut and consuming fermented foods daily is a staple of VIBE LIFE and comes before buying expensive supplements. When your digestive track is working well, you will have less inflammation in your body and will more easily shed unwanted weight.
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