HIIT Trainer Alexis at Pure Vibe Fitness

Whole Body Vibration: Improves Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage

Feeling energetic, alive and being able to move freely without joint pain is the way we all want to live our lives! And having healthy circulation and an effective lymphatic drainage system are important components to good energy levels and mobility.

As we begin to age, more sedentary lifestyles often lead to poor circulation and lymphatic drainage. What makes this situation especially tough is that when you’re experiencing the effects of poor circulation and lymphatic drainage, the best thing for you can be hard or painful, which is exercise!

At Pure Vibe, we’ve got you covered! We offer Whole Body Vibration as a pain-free exercise for people feeling tired, sluggish or in pain.

What makes Whole Body Vibration an excellent fit for helping with circulation and lymphatic drainage? When you step onto the platform, the G-force of the machine rapidly moves you up/down (at a force you control) which causes the muscles to work. When the muscles ramp up, the strength of contraction moves blood through the body, which allows circulation to occur without putting any strain on the heart. This movement has been show to increase the movement of fluids through the body like blood and lymph, which revitalizes muscles, bones and skin and removes unwanted excess fluid.

When the fluids in the body are moved around by the vibration, it creates heat in your body which helps warm up your joints and muscles. This helps make the movement easier and more enjoyable. It can help you get more out of the exercise and time spent on the machine.

If you’re looking to re-gain strength, decrease joint pain or just feel more energized, consider Whole Body Vibration as an option to help! Pure Vibe offers specialized classes to help re-gain strength and energy so you can start moving again without pain.

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