Whole Body Vibration Helps your Body’s Lymphatic System Detoxify

What do NASA astronauts, professional and Olympic athletes, celebrities, and health and fitness experts have in common? They understand the power of movement, and its impact on your lymphatic system. Your body has many integrated systems that work together for optimum health and longevity. One of these is your lymphatic system, which removes waste from every cell in your body and regulates your immune system.

Your lymph system operates differently than your circulatory system. Blood circulates throughout your body with the assistance of a pump—your heart. But your lymphatic system does not have a pump. Instead, lymph fluid is moved throughout a system of valves and muscle contractions. No movement equals no muscle contractions, which contributes to a slow, sluggish lymph system. When toxins build up in your body you become more prone to illnesses and just don’t feel as well as those who have lymphatic systems that are moving fluids and removing toxins regularly.

“Your lymphatic system is instrumental in keeping bacteria and other invaders in check so you stay healthy,” says women’s health expert and best-selling author, Dr. Christiane Northrup. “It also carries immune cells throughout your body to help defend against infections. And finally, your lymphatic system is essential to your body’s ability to process fats and it works directly with your cardiovascular system to keep blood and lymphatic fluid levels in balance and flush out toxins.”

Symptoms of a sluggish lymphatic system include:

·       Acne ·      GI issues
·       Bloating ·      Headaches
·       Cellulite ·      Joint pain
·       Depression ·      Loss of appetite
·       Dry skin ·      Migraine headaches
·       Fatigue ·      Sleep issues
·       Fluid retention  

Whole Body Vibration is an excellent form of exercise for your lymph system due to three unique aspects of WBV–increased gravity, rhythmic movement, and muscle reflexes. Your body responds to gravity, or G-force, by causing muscles to work and contract, and these muscle contractions increase the flow of both blood and lymph fluids. WBV forces fluids through the body in a gentle and efficient manner.

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