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Whole Body Vibration can reduce your risk of stroke by up to 80%

At Pure Vibe Fitness Studio, we are more than just a good workout; we’re part of an active, healthy lifestyle that can prevent pain and disease by up to 80%, and increase your overall health and longevity.

Heart disease and stroke are among the leading causes of death in Canada. Each year more than 46,000 Canadians suffer a stroke, and over 12,000 die. But you can decrease those odds by up to 80% by choosing some healthy, stroke-prevention strategies and habits.

“Knowledge is power,” says Dr. Natalia Rost, associate professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School and associate director of the Acute Stroke Service at Massachusetts General Hospital. “If you know that a particular risk factor is sabotaging your health and predisposing you to a higher risk of stroke, you can take steps to alleviate the effects of that risk.”

Here is how Pure Vibe and Whole Body Vibration (WBV) can be a part of your plan to lower your risk for strokes:

  1. Increasing circulation
    Research shows that WBV increases blood circulation, which is an important factor in cardiovascular health.
  2. Building a healthy and strong heart
    The Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation recently published a study that reported, “WBV is an efficient exercise modality for improving both skeletal muscle strength and cardiovascular health,” especially for the elderly and those with existing health conditions.
  3. Clearing arteries, preventing blood clots
    Regular activity decreases your risk for blood clots. As little as 10 minutes of WBV can reduce your risk of thrombosis (clotting).
  4. Daily exercise
    Thirty minutes of exercise per day can reduce many of the risk factors for stroke. Exercise reduces blood pressure and increases circulation, contributing to a healthy heart. WBV can give you all the benefits of exercise – better cardio, strength, balance, flexibility, power, athleticism, stronger muscles and bones, range of motion – in a time-efficient manner.
  5. Lowering blood pressure
    You can keep your blood pressure in check by limiting your intake of sodium, which is in abundance in many processed foods, like deli meats, canned soups, and frozen dinners. Reducing your consumption of alcoholic beverages, exercising daily, and maintaining a healthy BMI and BFA are also important prevention measures.
  6. Adopting a clean, plant-based diet
    Research shows that a diet high in plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains is associated with a reduced risk for stroke and heart disease.

It’s important to work with healthcare professionals to monitor your risk factors, and Pure Vibe Fitness Studio can be an important part of your plan.

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