HIIT Trainer Alexis at Pure Vibe Fitness

Whole Body Vibration Can Improve Flexibility

Having a flexible body that is able to move freely without pain is an important factor for quality of life.

Did you know that being flexible can help:
• Improve posture.
• Decrease the risk of injury.
• Reduce muscle and joint pain.
• Increase overall health and wellbeing.

Many people experience less muscle pain, and increased mobility after participating in some kind of flexibility training. Stretching is a key component to increasing flexibility, and when combined with Whole Body Vibration training, results can be accelerated.

When you step onto the platform of a Whole Body Vibration machine, the up and down vibrations cause muscle fibers to stretch repeatedly – and this occurs without pain, just by standing on the machine! You can also do a variety of stretches on the machines – ranging from sitting right on the machine to standing on it – to stretch different muscle groups.

The vibrations from a WBV machine increase movement and circulation to muscle tissues, and this helps strengthen both muscles and joints, improving flexibility.

At Pure Vibe, all of our classes incorporate flexibility training. We also offer wellness classes, which are primarily focused on strength and flexibility training. If you’re looking to increase your range of motion and enjoy movement without pain, trying Whole Body Vibration could be a great fit for you!

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