Whole Body Vibration Benefit: Blood Circulation!

Blood circulation is one of the most important functions your body does. It’s responsible for supplying oxygen to your brain and other organs. Increased circulation offsets inflammation. To keep inflammation levels down in the body, it is vital to have healthy blood circulation! Having good blood circulation is a contributing factor to a strong and healthy heart.

Having a healthy circulatory system is at the root of your health and longevity. You can tell your circulatory system is working well when you have lots of energy and good mobility. When it isn’t working well, you feel tired and in pain. The best thing you can do to improve your circulation is exercise however when you’re in pain and feeling the effects of poor circulation, you usually don’t want to move!

Whole Body Vibration helps you to rejuvenate your circulatory system pain-free. Making it the ideal choice for people of all ages and fitness levels including those with injuries and seniors. WBV uses gravity force (that you control at the rate you want) to move you up and down. The gravity causes your muscles to work without straining your joints.

When your muscles are moving on the WBV platform, it causes blood to move throughout the body faster. This allows for better circulation without putting more strain on your heart. Muscle movement from WBV causes blood and lymph fluids to flow easier. When blood and lymph fluids are flowing in the body, it revitalizes muscles, bones and skin. They also remove unwanted excess fluid (goodbye water weight!).

When your blood and lymph fluids are moving, it causes heat in your body that warms your joints and muscles. This makes for an easier and more enjoyable workout.

Want more energy and less joint pain? Whole Body Vibration lets you make the most of out your time spent working out. Get more out of your workout at Pure Vibe!

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