Vibe fitness class

Who is a VIBER?

With the new expansion and growth at the studio, we are so grateful to our loyal members and eager fitness enthusiasts who seek us out every day to join the Whole Body Vibration Community at Pure Vibe Fitness Studio.

There is a particular type of member who comes into the studio and immediately shines – and we call these beautiful, dedicated enthusiasts VIBERS!

A VIBER is a member of the community who loves…
• Whole Body Vibration (WBV) • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
• Working out in short bursts of time and seeing results fast.
• Giving it their all in class and supporting other members.
• Taking care of their mind and body, and always growing in life.

We have witnessed some incredible VIBER transformations this past year. Some of the top transformations have included:

• Losing stubborn weight and hitting weight loss goals quicker than ever thought possible! One VIBER lost 26 pounds in just 3 months!
• Strengthening upper body muscles and building upper body strength to be able to do full, strong push-ups, dips and planks.
• Gaining flexibility and more range of motion in old injuries.
• Developing healthier habits, like working out daily and establishing a cleaner diet.

One VIBER eliminated gluten, dairy and sugar from her diet after committing to the challenge! Are you interested in connecting with a group of like-minded fitness enthusiasts? Maybe you haven’t tried Whole Body Vibration before but are excited to experience the benefits for yourself? We welcome you to join our community and come in for a VIBE. We are currently running our Spring Shape Up Challenge and welcome you to join. Email us at to book an Introduction Class and learn more. We look forward to VIBING with you soon!

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