What Speed is Best for Weight Loss & Whole Body Vibration

If you’re coming to VIBES to lose weight, you’re probably wondering what speed your WBV machine should be on for weight loss?

There are various factors that come into play when trying to determine the best speed. Some of the key factors to determine the best speed are outstanding injuries and current fitness level.

In Whole Body Vibration lingo, “speed” is measured in “Hertz”. Every time you step onto a vibration plate, the machine activates your muscles and stimulates your connective tissue.

While there are some low impact VIBE Wellness Classes offered to relieve tight muscles and tension, if you want to lose weight, you want to crank that machine up in Vibe Fitness and Cardio Classes. It’s also critical you move hard and fast to elevate your heart rate and break a vigorous sweat. Before we explain which range of frequencies to be training on for weight loss, let’s go over how Whole Body Vibration training activates muscles.

How Does Whole Body Vibration Activate Muscles?

When you step on a vibration plate, your body repeatedly moves up and down; causing your joints to move, and your muscles to contract and stretch. When you’re being moved in this way, it increases your gravitational load, and stimulates all of your muscles simultaneously. The Hertz you set your vibration platform determines how intensely you feel the results of these physiological responses.

What’s the Best Hertz for Weight Loss?

While the answer to this is highly personalized, researchhas shown that muscle training to best occur uses frequencies of 25-35Hz.

In order to get the most from the Hz power, it’s important that your body weight support you on the machine. If your muscles are moving at a rate where you’re falling off, you know it’s too high. We encourage all VIBERS to familiarize themselves with the machines in class and find a speed that is within a healthy range with a challenge. This is the sweet spot for losing weight with vibration training!

The best Pure Vibe Classes for accelerated weight loss are Vibe Fitness and Vibe Cardio. In these classes we combine HIIT training with intermittent boosts of cranking up the frequency on your vibration plate. This gives you a winning combo of metabolic exercise with high HZ training to help you build strength and lose weight.

Ready to see what Vibes can do for you?

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