loving yourself more in 2019

What If You Simply Devoted 2019 to Loving Yourself More?

What would it take?

Imagine waking up each day with a full heart of love for you! And fueling your every action for yourself with compassion, empathy and the courage to make choices that support your best self.

Let’s leave self-punishment, fear-based rules and “should-do’s” behind in 2018. You deserve better than that. The best part of fueling your actions with self-love is that it all comes from within. Whether you have a partner or not, there are no limitations to how much love you can offer yourself. If you are in a relationship, it’s even more important to be giving yourself as much or MORE love to yourself than your partner. The love in a relationship is so much stronger when two people come together who are already practicing self-love for themselves daily.

So, How Do You Love Yourself More?

It all comes down to your actions. You can repeat a mantra to yourself about love all day long, but if you’re still skipping your workouts, over eating, drinking alcohol, not getting 8 ours of sleep per night, gossiping or judging others your heart just won’t get the message of love.

It all comes down to how YOU care for YOU.

There are no rules about how to best care for yourself, as you’re the only person who knows what you truly need. Imagine if you took care of yourself the way you would a young child. You wouldn’t shout, get mad or punish them. You’d find a quiet place to sit with them and ask them what’s going on and what do they need? Find the compassion for yourself to connect with your inner child, and when you hit a road block and get frustrated, get quiet with yourself and ask what it is you need? More often than not you’ll find it’s a good night’s sleep, more water, a hot sweaty workout and mind blowing orgasms.  They are all FREE and daily SELF LOVE essentials for living The VIBE LIFE.We’re launching our 2019 Self Love Challenge on January 2, 2019 and would love for you to join us! We’re going to be sharing our weekly program directly to your 

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