Instead of reaching for your favourite glass of chardonnay this summer, consider how many delicious booze free alternatives exist that will heal your body with every sip.

Drinking alcohol damages every system in your body. You might think “Well I don’t have a drinking problem” or “I only drink on the weekend or on holidays” – but that is a problem for your body!

Negative Effects booze has on YOU!

  • Digestive and endocrine system– drinking booze can damage the digestive enzymes that your pancreas makes. When these enzymes are damaged and build up in your system, it can lead to an inflamed pancreas which has serious lifelong damages such as pancreatitis.
  • Inflammatory damage– Your liver is slowly damaged with every sip of alcohol. When the liver becomes too inflamed, you can develop scar tissue on it which makes it harder for it to remove toxic substances from your body. Women are at an even higher risk of liver damage from alcohol!
  • Central Nervous System– Alcohol harms the communication between your brain and body. When you get slurred speech, challenges walking or balancing – this is a sure sign of nervous system damage. Overtime, damage to this system makes it harder to create long term memories and reduces your ability to think clearly and make rational choices.
  • Digestive System – Gassiness, bloating, diarrhea or nausea are all signs of damage to the digestive system. Drinking can damage the tissue in your digestive track and prevent your intestines from absorbing the nutrient in food. This further leads to malnutrition after a night out.
  • Immune System – Your immune system takes a huge hit every time you drink. Heavy drinkers are known to be sick a lot and are at greater risk for immune system damage. When you don’t have a healthy immune system, your body can’t fight off infections and viruses making you high risk for disease.

Being SOBER is the new COOL. Celebrities, athletes, trainers, health conscious people and millennials are all leading the way to bring about a new way of living and celebrating that doesn’t involve damaging your body.

Celebrities such as Natalie Portman, Elton John, Jada Smith, Calvin Harris, Jennifer Lopez and Jim Carrey have all committed to the booze free life!

Calvin Harris (Scottish DJ) revealed in an interview that he gave us drinking alcohol all together, despite his career being in the party scene. He said “I stopped drinking because it was actually making me ill. It was affecting my brain in the worst way.

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