A healthy sex life is not a nice to have; it’s a critical part of a healthy lifestyle! If your sex life isn’t fueling you emotionally and physically (or if you don’t have one), there are several ways to improve that.

How often are you feeling inspired to get busy in the sheets? A lot of people feel bogged down with working full time and household responsibilities that at the end of the day, the last thing on their mind is sex.

If you…

Think you just don’t have any energy left to dedicate to sex
Think you are too old to be having a healthy sex life
Think you would have more sex if only you had the time or privacy

Then you need to understand that you hold the key to transforming your sex life!
You are never too old to improve yourself, and there is no excuse for not prioritizing sex and intimacy with your partner. The fastest way to feel energized and sexual, is to work on your fitness and mind-body connection. You need to lay the foundation for a healthy sex life by taking care of your body and mind. Only then can you tap into the benefits of sex and multiple orgasms!

Whole body vibration (WBV) enhances your sex life by strengthening your body and nourishing your mind with a connection to yourself. When you come to class regularly you build stamina, endurance, cardio, strength, muscle definition and deepen your breath. Doing kegel exercises on the VIBE is the safest, most efficient way to strengthen your pelvic floor. A strong pelvic floor is KEY to mind blowing multiple orgasms! When you feel powerful in your body, and connected to yourself, you can have great sex with your partner and tap into unlimited bliss (hello multiple orgasms!) Feeling confident in your body and sexual prowess is going to turn you (and your partner) on and will fire up your sex life!

7 Reasons to Orgasm this Week – The Surprising Health Benefits of Sex for Women!

1. Improved Immunity: Studies show that by having sex regularly (1-2 times a week), your body produces higher levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA). Your IgA antibodies play an important role on immune function. By having sex frequently, you could be saving yourself sick days!

2. Heart Healthy: Aim to be having hot sweaty sex that will get your heart pumping. Sex gives you the same cardiovascular benefits from exercise. Sexual activity helps keep your levels of estrogen and testosterone balanced, which will keep your heart healthy and young.

3. Strength and Stamina: Sex becomes bonus workout and calorie burning time when you get sweaty! Spice up your sex life by trying new positions that work different muscle groups. You are going to be increasing your flexibility and balance in the process too.

4. Lower Blood Pressure: Aerobic exercise helps to lower blood pressure, and the effects are stronger when sex is involved for women. When you orgasm, the hormone oxytocin is released which has been shown to directly lower blood pressure.

5. Stress Relief: Having sex in a committed and loving relationship should be fun and relaxing. Focus on your breath the next time you have sex and see how much more relaxed and connected to your partner you become. Bonus: Slowing down and feeling your breath will help you tap into a ripple effect of all the different types of orgasims.

6. Relationship Boost: Engaging in regular sex with your partner will bring you closer together. Sex and orgasms increase levels of oxytocin, which has been coined the “Love Hormone”. You will feel more bonded with your partner after sex and have a greater capacity to feel love for them.

7. Deeper Sleep: After a sweaty sex session, you naturally tire yourself out and fall asleep faster. The hormone prolactin is released during sex, which helps with feeling calm and relaxed. Combo that with your oxytocin “love hormone” high and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a deep sleep!

A healthy sex life will increase your energy and raise your VIBES! Make sure you are always engaging in consensual sex that brings you feelings of happiness and intimacy – The health benefits above come from healthy sex with a partner – and should not be attempted if you feel you are with someone who doesn’t care about you or your wellbeing.

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