Vibe Guide to Staying Active and Healthy while Travelling!

When life gets busy it’s important to stay organized, and booking your workouts in advance will help you stay on track. So whatever you do, keep up your training, as those who fall off the cliff over the holidays have a tough climb ahead of them come January.

Holiday travel can mess with our schedules, making them crazier than usual, and harder to maintain our workout routines. But it doesn’t have to! Use our tips below to stay fit and healthy this season.

· Keep moving! Whether you’re away in Mexico, or you go to stay with your Aunt Libby in 100 Mile House. Keep moving throughout the day because if you don’t use it, you will lose it! Most destinations have pools to swim in, gyms to sweat in, beaches to run on and mountains to climb! Always pack a yoga mat, bathing suit, runners and plenty of workout gear so you’re covered!

· If you’re visiting a new destination, ditch the car and explore on foot!

· Plan your visits with friends and family over activities! We spend enough time visiting over food and sitting. Plan something fun and unusual that everyone will remember, and that your body will be thankful for! Ice skating, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and bowling are all great choices.

· If you are flying, pack food or choose healthy options in the airport. Although you can’t pack liquids (leave the green smoothie at home), you can pack veggies, fruit, protein bars and oatmeal as healthy travel snacks. Most airports now serve salads and healthier options too.

· If you are travelling on the road for long durations, plan ahead for stop points at local parks and mountains. Go for a hike, walk or short HIIT workout at the side of the road if need be! There is no excuse to stay sitting. Get creative with your workouts, and have fun in the process!

· When possible, stay in hotels with pools, gyms and workout classes. If you can’t find a gym, go for a run or workup a sweat in your room!

·  When possible, stay in hotels with kitchenettes. Find a local health food store near your hotel, and stock up your kitchen with fresh food! Most hotels will be able to provide you with a list of local health food stores in the area, and some will even provide you with a blender in your room! Call ahead to find out. Hello green smoothies!

· Make time to clear your mind and meditate. Even a daily 5-minute meditation will cause you to be more focused and in tune with your body. This will cause you to make wiser food and exercise choices.

Wishing all of our Vibers a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season!

Comment below with your best travel tips for staying active and healthy.

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