This is the mantra Pure Vibe was founded on and one my VIBE STARS use daily.
Every word you use holds an energy and vibration. Your words literally create your reality and can be used as your personal power to attract more of what you want. Positivity attracts positivity. And because the opposite is true too, it’s vitally important to YOUR HEALTH not to think or say negative things about other people as it lowers your vibration and immunity which can make you sick. Gossip literally is toxic.
The fastest way to drain your emotional and physical resources is by indulging in negative thoughts or spend time with negative people. Energy vampires are everywhere, and if you’re going to VIBE at a high frequency, you need to cut them out completely which is why we practice silence in the studio. We aim to keep all VIBE STARS and team members safe from gossip; small talk, discrimination, bullying that makes us all feel lousy and uncomfortable. It also cuts distractions and enables you to focus without interruption. Those that lack self discipline need to accept peace and learn that you will never be happy with what you see in the mirror until your favorite sound is your breathe.
To help you vibrate at the highest frequency possible, I’ve shared the top three ways to master your strong mind on the blog this week. Be sure to check it out and please share the positive vibes by liking us on Facebook.
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla
“Silence calms your soul, allowing peace to enter your heart, which enables you to master your strong mind so you can earn your strong body and live your strong life. It is the difference between an amateur and a pro.”  Dominica Bay

Vibe Mantra: What you see and believe you will achieve.

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