Upgrade your Hiking Performance with the Power of The VIBE

You might think the main benefit of hiking is soaking up the view from the peak after trekking up the top of the mountain. While Vancouver is one of the most beautiful regions in the world for hiking, the benefits of spending time being connected and active in nature go far beyond the picturesque views.

Hitting the trail has been shown to help lose weight, reduce heart disease, decrease hypertension, reduce stress and anxiety and INCREASE longevity and stamina. You don’t need to hike all day long to get the benefits – think of hiking like a long walk and pace the length and elevation to what you can handle to start.

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just getting into hiking, you’ll likely find these VIBE benefits helpful for preparing for your next hike:

  • Strengthen heart and lungs so your cardio can keep up with the hills
  • Increased endurance for long hikes or multi-day trips
  • Improved balance for hikes with winding paths and obstacles to climb
  • Injury prevention through a combination of strength and flexibility training
  • Faster recovery time after a strenuous hike

Pure Vibe has five varieties of VIBE Classes to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for you. We recommend “Wellness”, “Flow” and “Barre” for increasing your balance, flexibility and recovery. “Fitness” for stamina, cardio and strength and training, and “Extreme” for endurance, power and athleticism.

Each class will target areas that will elevate your hiking experience, so have fun discovering the classes you like best!

The best way for new Vibers to get started is with our $19 Introductory Offer ($89 value). Enjoy a semi-private VIBE training session, VIBE Fitness Class, message and stretching and a personalized BCA including lifestyle and nutrition coaching.


New Vibers

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