Tribute to Mom

With the never-ending demands placed on moms these days, it’s so important for moms to take good care of themselves!

When Moms take time for themselves to relax, eat healthy, get restful sleep and exercise, the benefits are twofold! Healthy habits not only give them more energy to be better caretakers, but they also set an example for their children to start forming healthy habits at a young age – contributing to a brighter, stronger and healthier next generation.

Pure Vibe makes it easy for busy moms to stay healthy and fit! We believe that every positive action a mom takes benefits her family and community – which is why living an active lifestyle, is so important.

Why do busy moms love Pure Vibe!
• We offer a supportive, friendly environment to exercise among friends
• Classes are only 20 minutes long – making it easier than ever to fit a great workout into busy schedules • We have classes ranging from wellness and regular fitness to extreme fitness – offering something for moms at all fitness levels
• Moms can book classes via our app from their smartphone on the go
• We are located in beautiful Kitsilano, in a neighborhood surrounded by beautiful walks, beaches and more. Come for a Vibe, and stay for a lovely walk or kids day at the beach.
• We offer rewarding challenges in the studio to help motivate and accelerate our clients goals – moms love the accountability and support we provide.

What else can a busy mom or caretaker do to be the best caregiver possible for there loved ones?
• Spend time every day doing something you enjoy
• Get enough sleep and take naps to stay energized
• Connect with other moms to form the support for one another “My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw.

All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.” —George Washington From all of us at Pure Vibe, we wish you a Happy Mothers Day!

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