Trainer Spotlight – Tannace Scarr

Tannace is extremely compassionate and great with beginners and those who suffer from injury. She specializes in strength and is known for her excellent form, alignment and concise cuing during class.

1. What is your favorite post vibe fuel? My favorite post-vibe fuel is lots of water followed by a fueling meal consisting of proteins & healthy carbs. Carbs are the building blocks for strength. They act as a broom, sweeping protein inside the muscles. Don’t skip out on healthy carbs!

2. What is your favorite exercise and why? Glute kickbacks. Learning to properly activate your glutes (as apposed to just your hamstrings) is key to a balanced structure. Your glutes are responsible for your posture, back mobility, hip flexors, core stability & hamstring flexibility. It can be tricky to learn how to isolate the 3 gluteus muscles but once you do it changes everything. Considering all the forward movement we do in our workouts and lives, our tight hip flexors and tight low backs tend to pull us forward and downwards. Not only will it correct any posture misalignments in your physique, you’ll also feel stronger and more agile.

3. What class do you most enjoy teaching? I enjoy teaching all the classes but Wellness was the first one that came to mind with this question. I love feeling loose and replenished after a good Wellness Class. The stretching and controlled movements help my body recover and prepare for my strength and endurance workouts, allowing me to train harder and smarter. I strongly advise every Viber to commit to one Wellness Class a week to assist your recovery.

4. What is your favorite HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Track to workout to? That’s a hard question for me. Music really sets the tone of your mood so for me, it depends what I need out of the workout that day. Sometimes I need to get angry, sometimes I need to chill out!

5. What does being a Viber mean to you? Commitment. If you can commit to yourself for 20 minutes a day, this will set new neural pathways in your brain that will change the course of your life. It will lead to new beginnings and help you flush toxic old behaviors from your daily routine. This initial commitment will transform the relationship you have with yourself by setting a new standard and higher belief level that YOU CAN CHANGE. You can become the person you were always meant to become. 20 minutes a day, that’s it.

6. Which WBV (whole body vibration) benefit are you most passionate about and why? I love the benefits of increased circulation and blood flow within the body. Healthy blood flow helps everything from better sleep cycles to manageable body temperatures!

7. What is your personal fitness goal for 2016? I want to stay active throughout my pregnancy and after the baby’s born. Fitness has changed my mind and spirit dramatically for the better. I’m excited to get back to the level of training I was committed to before pregnancy and start competing in crossfit competitions again.

8. Favorite compliment to VIBES? Crossfit. It trains you in a very special way. Coming from a competitors background, lifting weights in a gym targeting different body parts each day followed by non stimulating, time consuming cardio gets very, very boring. I love the emotion is takes, the goal setting, the strength training, the technical demands on your mind. It’s the hardest yet most rewarding training I’ve ever done. And just like Vibe, the community and team effort is brilliant.

9. Favorite Vibe Mantra: “Where the mind goes, the body will follow”.

10. What inspires you in a Viber? The Viber that puts their heart into every workout and fully commits to the 20 minutes. They understand it takes work and are willing to do their best to stay with it. When they’re not sure how, they just do.

11. What is your top vibe-training tip? Be here for a better YOU. Doing anything out of fear is unhealthy and disruptive. Coming to class out of fear of gaining weight, fear of judgement, fear of death, fear of aging, fear of over eating, etc. is not going to get you to your long term goal of longevity and health. Be here to positively impact your life. Be here to feel better. Be here to sweat. Be here to get stronger. Be here to push through barriers. Be here to meet healthy, positive people. Be here to be part of an inspiring community. Be here to make YOUR life better. Not for anything or anyone else.

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