Dominica Bay - Pure Vibe Fitness Trainer

Trainer Spotlight – Meet Dominica Bay, Owner and Trainer at Pure Vibe!

Dominica Bay is known for her firecracker personality, infectious spirit and passion for all things health and wellness. Are you ready to meet her?

1.    What is your favorite post vibe fuel?
My favorite post-vibe fuel is ginger kombucha! This is because vibing stimulates your digestive system and kombucha is the perfect compliment for a healthy colon. Fact: 99% of illness starts in the colon.

2. What is your favorite exercise and why?
I’d have to say mountain climbers and lunges with the ball as these exercises target every muscle in the body thus raising your metabolic rate and blasting unwanted body fat!

3. What class do you most enjoy teaching?
My #1 joy in life is training “The Extreme Team”!

4. What is your favorite HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Track to workout to? “Dream” by Nelly.

5. What does being a Viber mean to you?
No matter how difficult life gets a Viber continues to stay on track to pursue their goals, never gives up hope, and never quits!

6. Which WBV (whole body vibration) benefit are you most passionate about and why?
I’m most passionate about the benefits of increased circulation as that is the key to longevity!

7. What is your personal fitness goal for 2016?
I want to be able to do 200 consecutive dips and 200 consecutive push ups at 25 hz followed by a 2 minute low plank at 30 hz within a 10 minute time frame.

8. Favorite compliment to VIBES?
I really enjoy running, hiking and hot yoga. When I’m not in the studio or my office, you’ll usually find me doing one of these things.

9. Favorite Vibe Mantra: “When things get tough, you get tougher!”

10. What inspires you in a Viber?
The Viber that always shows up no matter what, never stops, and gives 110% of their body, mind, heart and soul into every class they do!

11. What is your top vibe-training tip?
Leave your day at the door and allow yourself to fully let go as you become one with the vibe through your breath thereby connecting your mind to your body.

Read more about Dominica, and be sure to catch her at an upcoming class.

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