20 minute HIIT Training on vibrating platform

Trainer Spotlight – Meet Alexis Panton, Senior Trainer at Pure Vibe!

Alexis Panton is a Pure Vibe success story and known for her fierce strength and limitless potential, focus and determination. Are you ready to meet her?

1. What is your favourite post vibe fuel? I prefer to fuel-up before my workout with a dose of my favorite BCAA drink mix.  This helps feed my muscles and aids with protein synthesis.  After my workout, I make sure that I rehydrate with lots of alkaline H20!

2. What is your favourite exercise and why? I love the strength building and sculpting benefits to my quads, hamstrings and glutes from one legged squats!…  I just can’t get enough of “burning it out”!

3. What class do you most enjoy teaching? I love my teaching my morning Fitness Classes!

4. What is your favourite HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Track to workout to? “Take Your Clothes Off” by Ria Mae

5. What does being a Viber mean to you?  Using fitness to build a strong body, mind and soul.

6. Which WBV (whole body vibration) benefit are you most passionate about and why? As someone that has struggled with asthma my whole life, I am very passionate about the improvements I have seen to my cardiovascular health and endurance!

7. Favourite compliment to VIBES? I love to do a long and intense hot yoga class every so often to really stretch out my muscles and maintain my flexibility.

8. Favourite Vibe Mantra: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!”

9. What inspires you in a Viber? The Viber that takes charge of their workout, finds the levels that allows them to get through all the reps and learns to believe in their own strength!

10. What is your top vibe-training tip? Don’t get stuck on a number!  Use the machine to your advantage and adjust the levels so you can stay engaged for the full 20 mins!

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