Top 5 Fitness Tips for Fall

Summer vacations are now computer screen savers and your wall calendar lists meetings, kids’ practices and weekend chores rather than vacation destinations. If the weather and weeks ahead feel harsh, one thing will get easier, your workouts! 

Back in May, we thought the warm weather and free time meant getting in great shape during the summer. However, for some of us, the free time means putting off our fitness routines until later in the day, then skipping them altogether. 

Family and friends stopping by, reunions,  barbeques, weddings, day trips and beach vacations sometimes stop our sweat sessions in their tracks. 
Fall breezes and busy routines CAN be your workout buddies. 
When we have a demanding routine with the kids, jobs, and a packed schedule, we have to FIND the time to VIBE. If we know we only have from 6:30 – 7 pm five days a week, there is no putting it off because you “have all day” to VIBE like in the summer. 

So here are 5 tips to help get you out of your head and back on track as you don’t want to keep ignoring reality until January.  Accept your neglect, be accountable and take control today as the longer you delay it the worse it gets.

1)  Just put on the outfit: If you VIBE in the evening after work bring your gear to the office and this way you already HAVE the outfit on which ensure you stop @ VIBES on the way home. Once your home it’s to distracting and dramatically lowers the chance of you leaving again.

2)  Sleep in your gear: If you work out in the morning, sleep in your VIBE clothes, put out your sneakers, and set your alarm music to fun fitness beats. This way you just get dressed and get inspired, and are at VIBES before you know it. 

3)  Maximize your time and benefits with VIBE Fitness 600- 800 Calories: Why stand still doing biceps curls, then do lunges when you can combine all these moves together? Multitasking means more calorie burn, boosted metabolism, increased heart rate during workouts, more sweat, more fat melting and more muscle toning in half the time! Sprinkle in some cardio HIIT between sets for even more health and slimming benefits. 

4)  Find your mantras that motivate: “If you went to VIBES when you first thought of it, you’d be done by now;” “Sitting is the new smoking;” “Sweat is Fat Crying”, “If you don’t have 20 minutes to VIBE today, how much time will you have from a hospital bed?” and finally, “Work out because you can, don’t squander your health.” 

5)  Plan meals on Sunday: The more whole food, plant based, organic fruits & veggies, healthy fats and lean protein that you can prepare for your week in small portion sizes, the less fried or processed food, sugar you will rush to later. Invest in blenders, glass tupperware and slow cookers. 
And yes, no matter how busy you are, you can find 20 minutes to VIBE. The studio is filled with nurses who do the overnight shifts, single moms who work 80+/week, vibers who take care of sick family members and go to night school, executives who travel every week and work 15 hour days, as well as parents with huge families. There are no excuses and the only person in your way is you.

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