The Powerful Self-Love

Benefits of Moving Meditation and Exercise

Moving meditation is a practice of bringing presence to your mind and movement to your body simultaneously. This creates a blissful meditative state that’s calming for your mind and nervous system and allows you to tap into deeper levels of self-love.

“The body benefits from movement, while the mind benefits from stillness.” Sakyong Mipham

Your body, mind and soul all benefit from the healing combo of movement, meditation and exercise. This is the purpose behind Pure Vibe as we include breath work in all classes and encourage VIBERS to practice silence so they can quiet their minds and connect to their body.

The healing VIBES from Whole Body Vibration (WBV) combined with mediation and exercise create a powerful combo that super charges you at a cellular level.

VIBE STARS report feeling more energized, light weight and clear minded after a short 20-minute Vibe Class. Whole Body Vibration stimulates your body in a variety of ways simultaneously, creating a unique way for your nervous system to relax into a parasympathetic state. This “rest and digest” state is the opposite feeling of being in “fight or flight”. Whole Body Vibration has been proven to quickly remove stress hormones, like cortisol, from your body. 

While lowering your levels of cortisol, Whole Body Vibration is also raising your serotonin levels. You need serotonin to feel happy, calm and LOVED. Exercise is one of the best ways to naturally increase your serotonin levels and pairing a workout on the Whole Body Vibration machine accelerates these results quicker.

Don’t feel up to a full work-out? Try a Vibe Therapy Session where you can drop in to chill out. 

During Vibe Therapy Sessions, the studio is transformed into a peaceful oasis designed to practice the power of moving meditation with VIBES. These are self-guided sessions where you set the pace. Tap into your personal power and go deep with yourself through meditation and exercise. 

Stand. Stretch. Meditate. Breathe. It’s all up to you. Melt your stress away with a therapeutic massage on the machine. By targeting specific body parts on the platform (like your back, glutes or calves) you can relieve physically stored stress in your muscles. 

Breathe. Love. Heal. Making time to practice moving meditation is a powerful self-love ritual. It can be done all day with the power of silence, focus and breathe. Enjoy pairing this practice with self-love mantras for added healing effects and avoid negative people, places and things so nothing can disrupt your bliss.

“Inhale love, exhale doubt.” Dominica Bay

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