Summer Slim Down 2017: 90 Day Checkin Winner

Vibe Mantra: Sweat now, SHINE later.
Skill can be taught, character cannot. Despite her tragic loss, grief and challenges she carried on like a pro and never fell victim. She rose above and faced every obstacle head on with grace, poise, intelligence and strength. She is a doer, always leading by example proving what is possible when you have vision and believe in yourself. I feel honored to have her on my team as she inspires me to always up my game, be accountable, embrace the struggles and live a life of purpose. Every class she puts up a hell of a fight, NEVER STOPS and continues to raise the bar proving “your input = your output” and “if you want something you have never had you have to do something you’ve never done.” In the toughest season on record Priya made history becoming the first Extreme Team Member to hit every single Extreme Class and did it with conviction. Always focused, on point, in the game and ready to GO! This is who I created my studio for, cheetahs not chickens as strong work ethic and tenacity delivers results.
“It just does not feel right if I miss a day of Vibing. It has become a pivotal addiction for me!” Prima Yegmatuau
1. Where are you from and when did you move to Vancouver? 
I’m from Sri Lanka and I moved to Vancouver 6 years ago to attend UBC.
2. What enticed you to join VIBES? 
I was walking down Broadway one day with a friend and suddenly noticed this sign outside that said, ’20 minute HIT workout’ and then we both walked in and tried our first Beginner Class. Never looked back since.
3. Since you started Vibes in June 2016 you have done over 386 Classes, how has VIBES changed your life and what benefits have you noticed?  I feel much stronger, more powerful and energized. I’m always looking to push myself to achieve something greater.
4. What are some of your favorite aspects of coming to VIBES?  
I like all the trainers at VIBES and how they all push you to go that extra mile which makes you feel that you can achieve so much more with great motivation.
5.  You have kindly referred friends who are also thriving, what do you tell others about your daily habit? 
That it’s a great 20min Fitness or 30min Extreme Class that makes you feel satisfied like you have achieved your workout for the day.
6. How has the Pure Vibe Lifestyle rubbed off on you and how has it improved your performance in class?
 VIBES has greatly changed my lifestyle, mainly in terms of my diet and being fit. I feel so much stronger now with more energy.
7.  In May 2017 you ran your first marathon after joining VIBES. How did being a member of The Extreme Team help you improve your endurance, cardio, speed, stamina and strength? I clocked a better timing that I had ever expected as being a member of The Extreme Team helped me achieve a faster speed, endurance and more strength throughout the race.
8. As an accountant, you know the importance of “knowing your numbers”. How exciting is it to see your numbers consistently improve with your BCA Check In’s? It certainly feels awesome ‘knowing that your numbers’ are improving when you are working towards a certain goal.
9. The most driven vibers have suffered a great loss and witnessed a family member fall to disease. This cruel lesson lights a fire under your ass so great that nothing can stop you as you know “health is wealth”.  How does this shape your day and the decisions you make? I’m always very conscious about my health. Doing some type of exercise will always been a daily routine in my life. No matter how busy I am, I always incorporate some type of workout even at home.
10. Do you agree with this statement: “Strong Women Unite, Weak Women Divide?”
Yes, I do. That’s why I love training with The Extreme Team, you are a product of your environment and everyone wants you to win.
11. The world’s greatest athletes, performers, musicians and artists are introverts as they know how to block out distraction, connect within and stay present. How has being a member of The Extreme Team helped you strengthen you mental game, dig deeper, push beyond 40% (governor’s effect) all while practicing a mindful moving meditation?
Since we always practice silence before and after class it really helps me to focus on myself and achieve far greater results as it sets the tone to turn on the switch and push myself harder.
12. When your fit and strong, life is far more enjoyable and fun! What have you notice become effortless since you started VIBES? 
There is nothing you cannot do. If you try harder you will always get to where you want to be.
13. Describe how you feel after class and do you notice increased energy? 
After a 30minute Extreme Class you are definitely drenched in sweat, but that’s what makes you feel so much better. You know you worked hard and went all in and my energy is off the charts.
14. What advice would you share with a new viber that is just getting started? 
 As a new viber it’s important to commit to attending classes on a regular basis to see results and the benefits of a 20 or 30minute class. My first day after the Beginner Class, I could barely move as I was very sore, but it didn’t stop me from coming to regular classes. Just don’t give up!
15. Why is it so important to be the best version of yourself? 
If you love yourself, you will be happy and others will follow.
16. Favorite Vibe Mantra: Commitment is key if you want to conquer and achieve greater results.
17. Favorite Vibe Exercise: Mountain Climbers
18. What does being a Viber mean to you and how has it helped shape the strong, confident and powerful women you are?  
Definitely beating the clock by getting the best 30minute workout in the least amount of time and feeling energized afterwards.
19. A day without VIBING is like a day without __________ . 
It just does not feel right if I miss a day of Vibing. It has become a pivotal addiction for me!
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