Summer Slim Down 2017: 30 Day Checkin WINNER!

Think your a die hard viber? Think again!
No one displays more unconditional love than Michele Carrington.  Not only does she hit the studio daily she owns 2 WBV Machines and refuses to travel without them because when you know you know.  From the first moment I saw Elgan I knew. From the first moment I stepped on the vibe I knew.  From the first moment Michele stepped on the vibe she knew and she didn’t have to say a word as I could see it in her eyes and an unbreakable bond was formed.
Although we haven’t had a “conversation” in 5 years our relationship is stronger than ever as the most sacred relationships do not require words and that is how I would describe the deep rooted connection Elgan and I share with Michele. Connections our formed with action and have nothing to do with “the weather.” In fact the less you say the more you’ll do and the more we’ll respect you.
She is one of the strong vibers that embraces our concept and knows we are on a mission to deliver the world’s most efficient workout cutting all superficial distractions giving you a hall pass to do you. We want vibers to arrive focused in order to truly connect so you can stay present, concentrate while giving 110% in order to reach your goals and get phenomenal results.
You, the machine and trainer’s voice, that is all that matters. Michele understands no words will lower your BMI, BFA and help you become the best version of yourself only action will and treats us like Master Trainers not Walmart Greeters.
The most successful vibers get this from day one and value every second of their cherished time on their plate when the world stops just for you.
Vibe Mantra: The less you say the more you’ll do.

Q & A

“VIBES makes everything you do better.” Michele Carrington
1. What enticed you to try VIBES?
It looked interesting. Who would not want to burn more calories in far less time.  And you guys are amazing, so positive all the time.
2. Since you started Vibes in November 2012 you have done over 1127 classes, how has VIBES changed your life and what benefits have you noticed?
I look forward to my VIBES, the gym is so boring day after day. Your classes are fun and don’t take up a lot of time. You feel like you’ve had a through work out each visit but especially after Extreme, I wish you offered more of these.  I do feel stronger and when I go for massage or to physio they tell me I have a lot of muscle and can tell I am fit.  I know VIBES has helped with this.
3. What are some of your favorite aspects about coming to the studio?  
Well you guys always have a smile on your face (even if you are having a bad day). The workouts are as challenging as you want them so you don’t feel pressured.  I always feel good when I leave.
4. Why do you love having a home machine and when do you use it?
I love just standing on my machine every morning before my coffee.
5. Why do you not like to travel without your machine?
I miss my 20 minute workout that burns calories like crazy, who would not want to take that with them?Could you invent a vibe machine for airplanes please! Sadly the machine is too heavy for my carry on bag.
4. In the past 60 days you have lost 14 lbs, how has the Pure Vibe Lifestyle rubbed off on you?
I did do an intensive weight loss program with my husband but I know VIBES has helped my progress which I need it to keep the weight off and stay strong.  I need you in the Desert can you PLEASE start a studio? (Reply: Yes our first studio was the Desert and Elgan and I plan on retiring there & Del Mar.)
5. You are extremely busy running your business, volunteering at the animal shelter and taking care of your family however you always fit in your daily vibe, why is that so important to you?  
Fitness has always been important in our family. My husband was a top tennis player when he was younger (Top 10 in Canada) and he has tried to pass this on to his family. Exercise is very important to our daily life and there is no reason you cannot fit in your 20 minutes each day.
6. As a mother why do you want to stay fit and healthy?  
Its important to show your children that daily fitness is crucial to live long and be happy and healthy.  My mother who is in her 80’s always taught me that staying in shape is the key to life. She still rides her bike everywhere in Toronto (never had a  drivers license) goes to Yoga and Pilates, walks for miles with her dog daily and (sadly) has 12 cats.  She also taught me to give back to society and animals are a family weakness.
7. You love nature and the outdoors, how has your daily VIBE improved your strength, cardio, endurance, power, balance and flexibility?
It has helped my Yoga, proper stretching is important so I try and go when I can. I love to hike and elevations like the Bump and Grind or Grouse Grind do not bother me. (Just walking I’m not crazy like Dom!) I have always enjoyed to hike and know that VIBES has contributed to my stamina, VIBES makes everything you do better.
8. You are extremely driven does that competitive streak help you stay focused in class?
Yes even on those days when I feel tired or sick and want to leave.  I am determined to stay for those few important minutes.
9. Do you feel that VIBES has made you mentally stronger and improved your grit?
I have always been a busy person and believe it helps me not give up. I think VIBE would be a great thing for people with depression. It’s short and as we’re encouraged to hang on that would be a life changing experience.
10. What do you think is the key to anti aging?  
Healthy diet and daily exercise. Lots of fresh fruit and veg and no processed foods. Have a positive outlook on life and always do what makes you feel good. We all want to feel good when we wake up in the morning. That makes you feel younger.  When you feel younger you move more and moving is one of the keys to anti aging.
11. Why is it so important to be the best version of yourself?
I could not see life any other way, could you?  Everyone should feel that way and the world would be a better place.
12. What are your favorite VIBE Exercises?
They all do their job with a little encouragement however no favorites but some unfavorites. Dom counts too fast and Elgan has some moves that I can’t really grasp but I am getting better.
13. Favorite Vibe Mantra? 
Being happy is the consequence of your efforts and it only takes 20 minutes so stop making excuses!
14. What does being a VIBER mean to you? 
Once addicted you can’t stop.
15. A day without VIBING is like a day without: Feeling good, I always feel better after my VIBE!
30 Day Check In Prize
An energizing booster shot with Dr. Pamela Smith ND (valued at $97). This visit includes a micronutrient formulation designed to boost your energy level while improving concentration and fat reduction. Book by August 31, 2017.
Dr. Pam how can I stay healthy while traveling this summer?
Traveling, whether during the summer or winter months, can take its toll on our immune system. Staying hydrated is key when traveling and while the idea of having to stop to pee every hour is not ideal, sitting in a hot vehicle or on a dry airplane can lead to dehydration fairly quickly. It is really easy to grab low nutrient/junk food while on the road, therefore, bringing a cooler with healthy snacks is key. This may include cut veggies, fruit, humus, homemade protein bars, quinoa salads, nuts and seeds. On longer trips, plan to stop at a beautiful lookout for a picnic to stretch and get some fresh air. Another option is to take a nutrient dense, good quality multivitamin to supplement your diet while away and getting a nutrient dense IV before you go also boosts your nutritional status. Staying healthy while on the road is possible especially with a bit of extra planning to help reduce some of the stress that can accompany a change to your normal routine.
Monthly Viber Special
Phytomulti Metagenics $54.99 (regularly $61.50) redeemable through Ravita Health until August 31, 2017.  This multi takes you beyond basic wellness support. It has a proprietary blend of concentrated extracts and phytonutrients with scientifically tested biological activity to protect your cells and maintain DNA stability-activating your health potential like no other multivitamin. For more details on this product visit Ravita Health next door to Pure Vibe.



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