Spring Shape Up: 30 Day Check-in Winner 2017

The heart of our mission at Pure Vibe is anti-aging, disease and pain prevention so naturally when I meet Ester I got really excited. What impresses me the most about Ester is how present and connected she is with her radiant energy and extremely sharp mind. As a PHD Senior Research Scientist with AbCellera Biologics and having worked at The BC Cancer Research Centre she has graciously dedicated her life to improving the health of humanity and the planet.  She walks her walk putting all her research into practice in and out of the lab as she is extremely committed to living a clean, green, active lifestyle. She is a true community leader showcasing the importance and power of science and how it is possible to have a thriving career while prioritizing your health and fitness.
Vibe Mantra: There is always room to grow!
Interview Questions: Ester Falconer
1. Where are you from and when did you move to Vancouver?
I’m originally from Budapest, Hungary.  My family moved to Canada when I was 8 to give myself and my brother better opportunities and a better life.  Greatest, most selfless gift my parents could have given us.
2. What enticed you to try VIBES?
Some recent health issues and medications meant my usual program of diet and fitness were no longer effective.  I was getting jiggly and unhappy with the direction my body was going in.  I knew I needed a boost and Pure Vibe seemed like the perfect opportunity to shake things up (literally)! I read about Vibing in a news article as a type of fitness where the author described a short, intense workout after which she collapsed in a pool of sweat.  I really wanted to experience that, so I tried the Beginner Class and signed up right away for 12 months.  Seemed like the best return on time and effort.
3. Since you started Vibes in October 2016 you have done over 114 Fitness Classes, how has VIBES changed your life and what benefits have you noticed?
Wow, no wonder I feel different!  It sounds like a lot of classes, but honestly it has flown by.  My entire life has changed for the better.  I’m noticeably stronger, leaner, happier and absolutely convinced that my health is in my own hands.
4. What are some of your favourite aspects about coming to VIBES?
Each class is an opportunity to be better. It’s fast, intense, and feels so rewarding.
It’s a nice sense of community too.
5. Has the Pure Vibe Lifestyle rubbed off on you and if so in what ways?
Definitely!  It’s infectious.  I look around in class and I’m inspired by everyone else working so hard.  I want to keep up both in class and out.
6.  You have dramatically lowered your BMI, BFA and increased your hydration, how have your 30 Day Check-In’s helped keep you on track to reach your goals?
Yaay!  The check-ins let me know where I started from, and where I’m at.  My work is evidence-based, so I’m a proponent of knowing what the numbers are. They won’t lie to you, so you can’t lie to yourself.
7. Describe how you feel after class and do you notice increased energy?
Absolutely!  No matter how tired I am, or if I’m dragging my feet to class, it’s a different story afterwards.  Huge boost of energy, endorphins, and good feelings.  I’ve never regretted doing a Vibe workout, so I try to remember that feeling when my day is tough, busy and tiring.  It makes me keep going to classes.
8. What advice would you share with a new viber that is just getting started?
Congrats for committing to this! It’s hard, but keep at it, it only gets more rewarding.  It took me a while to get strong enough to see results. I see new people starting classes and witness the progress they are making; I love to  see other people work towards their goals.
9. How does working as a Research Scientist motivate you to stay fit and healthy?
Science is based on evidence and data, and has shown us that there is a formula for better health.  If you tell people there is something that can help all their organs, their immune system, mental health, happiness, longevity and quality of life, they would jump at it.  It’s not a magic pill, it’s fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  We know it works.  Of course it can’t cure everything, but can give you an enormous head start towards health and healthy aging.
10. Do you believe our “our body achieves what our mind believes” thereby our brain can influence our cells?
Definitely.  Your brain can be your best tool, or your greatest barrier to health.  We can easily convince ourselves that something is too hard, and easily talk ourselves out of doing things.  On the flip side, our brain can overcome those barriers our bodies try to convince us are there.  That extra pushup is not impossible.  And, fitness rejuvenates your brain, so it’s a self-reinforcing mechanism.
11. What are the most important things we can do to keep our immune system strong so we don’t get sick?
For adults, live the Pure Vibe Lifestyle as best you can, and also allow yourself to relax and enjoy all parts of life. A healthy lifestyle should be your goal but not at the cost of happiness and fun.  I don’t feel guilty enjoying a glass of wine.  For kids, it’s important to let them experience nature and the outdoors.  Springtime in Vancouver is great medicine! Also, in the West, our modern lifestyle has overly sanitized and sterilized our lives, so children don’t get exposed to enough bugs to challenge and train their immune systems.  That, and the overuse of antibiotics (in our food supply and in medicine) has led to weakened immunity, the rise of allergies, and superbugs that can now evade all known drugs and become a serious health hazard.  Of course, wash your hands and be clean, but also don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, walk barefoot in the grass, get a pet if you can, and avoid antibacterial products.
12. With regards to the cause of pain and disease what percentage is typically genetic and what percentage is typically lifestyle and environmental?
I’m not enough of an expert to give out numbers, but both are definitely factors.  You can’t exercise away debilitating disorders, but you can prevent the onset of a lot of diseases.  I have family members that have eaten their way to diabetes and chronic pain, smoked their way into lung disease and into a vicious cycle of being sedentary and depressed.  And others who did everything right, but still got unfairly targeted by incurable illness.  Genetics is a lottery you don’t have much of a say in, but the rest you do.  There are some aspects of my own health that I can’t control, but fitness and lifestyle I can control.  And will.  I do have to say that Vibe Fitness was a huge part of my turnaround.  I do other forms of exercise, but I’ve never seen such great results with anything else, at any age, no matter how hard I worked out.
13. Do you believe that the Pure Vibe Lifestyle can lower your risk of pain and disease by 60-70%?
Again, I can’t confidently give you numbers, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable if you follow Pure Vibes’s Lifestyle List (with a balance that makes you happy).
1. Sleep 8+ hours/night.
2. Drink 3-4 L+/alkaline filtered water daily.
3. Exercise DAILY and break a VIGOROUS sweat.
4. Eat a plant based whole food diet, no sugar, gluten, dairy and processed foods.
5. Think positive thoughts, limit stress and avoid negative people, places and things.
6. Breathe in fresh coastal air and connect with nature.
7. Avoid toxic cleaning and personal care products.
8. Make the decision everyday to be happy and remain optimistic.
9. Keep an open strong mind.
10. Be confident, believe in the power of you.
14. Why is it so important to you to be the best version of yourself?
I don’t get another life to try again. And, your life isn’t just for you, but for everyone around you who depends on you as a friend, partner, parent, colleague or mentor.  Why shortchange yourself and your loved ones?
15. Favorite Vibe Exercise:
Just one?  I like the ones that are the hardest.  I love/hate pushups, and really enjoy the plank work with movements such as the mountain climbers, spiders, shoulder taps.  If it hurts the next day, I love it. I’m writing this the day after Gemma’s killer medicine ball Fitness Class.  Never felt more happy to be so sore!
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