Spring into Fitness Get Results Faster with Whole Body Vibration Training

It’s March on the West Coast, and this year it’s hard to imagine Spring will soon arrive. We have been blasted by “Old Man Winter” more times than we can recall. So we are all eager for the warmth and sunshine that Spring brings. The season of rebirth and new beginnings, the perfect time to revitalize your fitness regime.

Looking for a way to jumpstart your Spring Fitness? Pure Vibe’s Whole Body Vibration (WBV) 20 Minute Classes are an excellent way to get exceptional results in less time than traditional workouts. WBV utilizes plates that pivot side to side and vibrate. This double action makes your muscles contract and relax many times per second, increasing blood circulation and bone density, as well as tightening, toning and strengthening muscles including your heart while burning up to 600 calories per Fitness Class. Additional benefits include draining your lymphatic system, reducing stress hormones and boosting your human growth hormone.

Pure Vibe’s WBV Classes give you the benefits of an hour workout in just 20 minutes. And in as little as 4-6 weeks you can enjoy results such as weight and fat loss, improved cardio, strength, muscle tone, balance and flexibility while increasing energy and health.

Pure Vibe’s Class Schedule is extensive offering 76 classes per week perfect for today’s busy lifestyles. Morning classes start at 7 am and evening classes run until 7:30 pm. The studio is open seven days a week, and offers a variety of Wellness, Flow, Barre, HIIT Fitness and Extreme Classes that range from low to high intensity.


To get started new vibers can register online for a FREE Beginner Class:

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Join us this spring for “The 90 Day Spring Shape Up Program” and add a fresh bounce into your fitness routine.


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