Shoes or No Shoes on a Vibration Plate

A very common question we are asked by our users is whether or not to wear shoes when using their Hypervibe. A lot of the marketing out there, even some of our own, shows pictures of people wearing shoes while on a vibration machine.

In gyms, clubs, corporate workplaces and trade shows where lots of people are using machines it can be a hygienic concern. For your own long term use and for our service providers, there are multiple reasons to drop the shoes…

Shoes to a degree dampen and absorb the stimulation and may actually prevent the vibrations from being correctly transferred to the body. Your running or walking shoes usually have arch supports, may you even wear insoles or orthotics if you have issues with your feet. These are worn to correct foot and ankle problems without surgery.

A vibration machine with a higher g-force range can offer similar corrective benefits just by your feet being directly in contact with the plate. Our feet & hands have all those little muscles, tendons & ligaments and when training on higher frequencies we activate more of them but in a passive, ultra low impact way.

I personally have seen more overall improvement without the use of footwear. Conditions like plantar-factitious often disappear over time as well and improvements in circulation, swelling & pain, sensation related to neuropathy and an overall improvement in the strength and structure of the feet & ankles.

This trainer and so many of our clients obviously prefer no shoes or socks for most applications. We weren’t born with shoes on and as we sit more and more our feet can lose proper function unless. We do very little in the way of specific exercises for our feet or our hands until there is a problem with them. Use them for their intended purpose on your machine, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Put a little more spring in your step – literally!

Hypervibe Tip: If you suffer with tired achy feet, try just standing on your machine with your feet 2-3 inches apart for the center point. If mobility is a concern try seated in a bar height stool as in this video SEATED USE VIDEO.

Turn your machine up to a higher frequency (16+HZ) for 1-2 mins as needed to relieve pain, swelling and leave you feel refreshed and recharged to get on with your day.

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