Quiet the Mind to Connect to your Heart?

“When you quiet the mind, you learn to listen to your heart which enables you to tap into your limitless power and life force energy.”

 -Dominica Bay, Founder of Vibe Life and Pure Vibe Fitness Studio

Our daily habits, rituals and routines are motivated by either FEAR or LOVE. Self-Love is the glue that holds together the strongest routineand is the only way to create lasting change that sticks. If you’re currently participating in our 90-Day Pure Vibe Self-Love Challenge, you know that creating a self-love routine is critical for your long-term success. 

A quiet mind is able to hear the whispers of your heart. In today’s chaotic world, the only way to tune in and listen to your heart is through creating a peaceful space which is our main goal at VIBES. It’s especially important if you live on a busy street with lots of traffic, have little kids around or work long hours. With a daily VIBE, anyone can master the art of meditation.

It’s this safe space where you become conscious and start to release limiting thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and negative emotions that make up your word view. Here you can awaken your joy, compassion, creativity and life force that fuels your every choice from a place of love.

Self-love, self-respect, self-worth: There’s a reason they all start with “self”. You are the only one who can provide these things for yourself. They can’t be found in another person, job or thing.

Creating quiet space to reflect inwards starts with the desire to tune out the noise of the world, and tune into your heart. Carve out time daily to connect with yourself on the VIBE, running the seawall or hitting the mat. Your moving meditation will help you master this skill that awakens your soul. 

Nature, fresh air, mantras, meditation and listening to music can all add to this experience if that feels right to you. There is no right or wrong way to do this. The key is to practise lots of deep breathing and staying present. 

Your heart, just like your words and thoughts, hold their own energy. Everything you say (inside your head and outside) holds a vibration that VIBES out and effects everyone around you. When you start living a life that’s heart based and connected, the world becomes a more loving.

Creating a safe-space to connect with your heart will raise your vibrations and dramatically improve your life! 

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