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Pure Vibes Top 10 Summer Slim Down Tips!

Summer is a magical time of year, filled with long days at the beach, drinks on the patio and endless temptations in the form of ice cream, fried foods and alcohol. It can be tough for even the most dedicated individual to stay on track with their health and fitness, but with the help of our top ten summer slim down tips, you’ll be on your way to partying like a rock star while maintaining outstanding health and energy!

1. Maintain your physique with a minimum of two vibes per week. Set yourself up for success by maintaining all of your hard work over the summer. Every time you choose temptation over your health, you take two steps back that you need to make up for. We’re here to help motivate you towards your best you!

2. Accountability is key for success. Share your desire for better health this summer with a partner, colleague or friend. Having a buddy to help you when all you want is the sugary cocktail will help keep you focused!

3. Get moving…more! We are so blessed in Vancouver to have countless mountains, oceans, trails and beautiful streets for exploring and strolling along. Ditch the car and get moving (or park farther away to get the extra steps in)!

4. Rise early, and sleep longer. Choose to get your workout in BEFORE hitting up the beach! Make it a priority to get a vibe in before going out to enjoy the sun. Rising early will give you the flexibility to fit more into your days. Aim for a deep, restful sleep of at least 8 hours every night. Get those zzzs!

5. Shop fresh! Visit one of our city’s amazing local super markets and prepare nutritious, whole food meals and snacks for yourself. We are so spoiled in Vancouver with abundant, organic produce. Commit to shopping and eating local for incredible energy and health.

6. Skip the Sugar! Swap out cakes, candy and sugary drinks for naturally sweet treats, like frozen grapes and smoothies! When you do this, you’ll feel better, look better, and have more energy in your day to spend doing what you love!

7. Stay Hydrated. Drinking a minimum of 3 – 4 Litres of water a day will help keep your temptations for high calorie beverages away. It will keep you feeling full longer, help your endurance and give you the energy to be outdoors and stay active longer. Invest in a nice water bottle, and don’t leave the house without it!

8. Stay active on your vacation! Although melting into a hammock and sipping beverages can be appealing when traveling, staying active and seeking out opportunities for exercise will leave you feeling even better! Even if you are in the middle of the dessert, or some far off land, there is no excuse to not get a workout in. Go for a run, practice some yoga – the key is to keep your body moving, and hopefully get a good sweat in!

9. Try a cleanse. Never done a juice cleanse before? Always been curious about colonics? Summer is a wonderful time to give your body a much needed break from the toxins we consume everyday. Give yourself the time and space to detox, relax and experience a healthier you.

10. Experience more! Spend your time experiencing more of the outdoors, seeing new places, and exploring with friends. Swap the usual Friday night drink for a walk along the beach or a dip in a local lake!

It’s not too late to participate in our annual “Summer Slim Down Challenge!” We are rewarding Vibers for their dedication and hard work with over $1000 of prizes, weekly slim down and training tips, inspiration and more! Sign up in studio today, and commit to a stronger, healthier, better you!

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