Pure Vibe’s Holiday Health & Fitness Tips!

Picture yourself on December 31st. It’s New Years Eve. You’re getting ready to ring in the New Year. How do you feel?

Do you feel strong, confident and full of energy? Ready to take on 2016 like a champ! Or do you feel weak, tired and notice your jeans are fitting tighter from partying, drinking and overeating during the holidays?

If you want to start the New Year feeling your absolute best, then you’ll want to use some of our favourite Holiday Health Hacks below!

Holiday Health & Fitness Tips!

· Fuel up at home. We all know what happens when you go to a party hungry. Fuel your body with healthy homemade meals before going out. You’ll be less likely to over eat this way.

· Avoid skipping meals. Skipping breakfast in order to have extra carbs and sweets at night is never a wise choice. Take the time to prepare your meals, and plan for the treats you want to enjoy – just not at the expense of your meals! By avoiding hunger and blood sugar crashes, you’ll have more will power to better navigate the junk food at night.

· Schedule in working out. Commit to showing up for yourself. When life gets busy it’s important to stay organized, and booking your workouts in advance will help you stay on track.

· Get out of the house! Spend time outside being active. Build a snowman with your family, go for a walking date with your loved one, meet-up with old friends and do an activity together instead of sitting around. The more your move, the better you will feel.

· Drink in moderation. If you choose to consume alcohol (though a healthier option would be to pass on alcohol all together), stick to something low in added sweeteners and drink plenty of extra water to make up for the dehydrating effects alcohol has on your body.

· Set a mindfulness goal for the holidays. Make it realistic, and reward yourself when you uphold it. Commit to no sugar for a week, or to walking a certain amount of steps every day and see how you feel. When you have goal, it’s easier to choose healthy daily actions.

· Get your ZZZ: If you have some time off, take advantage of extra sleep. The more rested you are, the more likely you are to make healthy choices.

· Avoid sweets! SUGAR + BAKING = a mess for your body to digest! If you’re out and feel the need to indulge in something sweet, opt for some fruit (mandarin oranges and apples are plentiful this time of year) or treat your body to a fresh pressed juice filled with nutrient dense ingredients like kale and pineapple! FYI – real friends don’t gift friends with baking 🙂

Have a wonderful holiday season! We look forward to getting sweaty in the studio with you soon!

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