running in the fall

Pure Vibe’s Fall Fitness Tips

November is the perfect month to recommit to your health and fitness goals. The holiday season will be here before we know it. To help you be your best you, we’re sharing some of our favourite Fall Fitness Tips!

Maintain Your Motivation

Nothing feels better than checking something off your list of “to do’s.” Get that good feeling of accomplishment by scheduling your Pure Vibe workouts early in the day. Your day will be off to a great start, you’ll feel terrific, and with the holiday season around the corner, you’ll have the energy to enjoy all the holidays have to offer! Classes start as early as 7 am!

Build a Healthy Routine

No matter how busy we get with our modern lifestyles, we manage to do an abundance of things everyday, many without even thinking about them! Work, school, chores and caring for family. This is because they’re part of our daily routine. Make fitness and VIBES part of your routine. Our online booking system lets you book your classes in advance with no restrictions or late cancel fees.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Develop good sleep habits, such as no coffee or screen time before bed, and prepare for sleep via relaxation or meditative practices. Deep quality sleep is when the body rests and restores itself, and poor sleep can lead to problems with weight, heart health, and diabetes.

Stay Hydrated

Living on the West Coast in a rain forest, you’d think we’d all be well hydrated! Our bodies are about 60% water, and drinking enough water and fluids every day is vital. Good hydration is important to deliver nutrients to and remove toxins from your cells, maintain healthy joints, and maintain your levels of electrolytes, necessary to many of your body’s functions. Experts suggest we should be drinking 3-4 litres of water every day.

Manage Stress

Allowing stress to become chronic can contribute to many problems, including an increased heart rate, high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system. An important aspect of managing stress is regular physical exercise. Physical movement increases your body’s level of endorphins, the “feel good,” neurotransmitters also responsible for producing the “runner’s high.” Exercise also helps with sleep quality and digestion.

Nourish Your Bod

Quality nutrition is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Planning is key. Write out your weekly meal plan so it matches your health goals before you head to the store. Packed lunches are healthier than fast-food lunches as well as less expensive. Choose good quality greens, proteins and local organics as often as possible.

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