Pure Vibe Fitness Offers the Benefits of a Personal Trainer and More

Personal trainers are fitness professionals who offer their clients instruction, assessment, motivation, customization, and overall support to help their clients meet their health and fitness goals. At Pure Vibe Fitness Studio, we offer our clients these benefits and more, in a cost-effective, compassionate, and convenient manner.

Personal Attention

Personal trainers get to know their clients, their personal histories, and health and fitness goals. At Pure Vibe, we use the same individualized approach with all new Vibers. Our introductory classes are FREE, and we take the time to assess your abilities, learn about your health and fitness goals, and recommend appropriate classes, levels, and trainers.

Convenient and Efficient

At Pure Vibe, we offer more than 76 fitness classes a week, from early mornings to evenings. Our classes span five intensity levels, ranging from low intensity (for seniors, beginners, and those with injuries), all the way up to full intensity for those looking for maximum dedication and results. Our 20 Minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes provide you with the benefits of a 60 minute class in just 20 minutes. Research continues to show that HIIT training provides excellent fitness and health benefits at all stages of life.


Our trainers are committed to helping you meet your health and fitness goals. This includes lifestyle and nutritional support and coaching. Our classes incorporate elements and the benefits of other fitness modalities, such as meditation, yoga, gentle stretch, dance, Barre, Pilates and HIIIT. Vibers enjoy a full range of results, including reduced stress levels; improved joint mobility and flexibility; improved balance and coordination; improved circulation; increased metabolism and fat burning; and improved cardio and core strength.


In Vancouver, personal trainers can cost anywhere from $60 to $120+ per hour. These costs can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars a month, and thousands a year. At Pure Vibe, we have a wide variety of memberships and flex passes to fit your budget and busy lifestyle. Flex passes range from $15-$20 a class, and unlimited memberships start as low as $59/month. Our classes are capped at a maximum of 12, allowing our trainers to provide individual attention and instruction.

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