Pure Vibe Lifestyle Can Reduce Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month. As with all diseases, prevention is better than treatment, so review your lifestyle and make whatever adjustments you need to be your best self!

 1. Exercise

The American Cancer Society recommends adults get at lease 150 minutes of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity each week to reduce the risk of breast cancer. This is in part due to the benefits of exercise on blood sugar, and levels of insulin which is a growth factor that can impact how breast cells grow and behave.

Pure Vibe Tip:Attend a 20-Minute Vibe Class, four+ times a week.

 2. Alcohol

Drinking alcohol has been linked to an increased risk of developing breast cancer, the risk          increasing with the amount of alcohol consumed. Compared to non-drinkers, women who have one serving of alcohol per day have a very small increase in risk. However, those who have 2-5 servings of alcohol per day have an increased risk of 1.5 times the risk of non-drinkers.

Pure Vibe Tip: Pure Vibe Founder, Dominica Bay encourages sobriety and leads by example, with more than ten years’ sobriety. Ditching the bottle will dramatically improve your overall health, as well as save thousands of dollars.

3. Body Weigh

Being overweight, especially after menopause, increases the risk of developing breast cancer. This is due to the ability of fat cells to excrete estrogen, as well as an increase in levels of insulin.

Pure Vibe Tip: Attend a 20-Minute Vibe Fitness Class, four+ times a week and be sure to do your 30 Day BCA Check Ins so you can monitor your progress and be accountable to keeping your BMI and BFA well below 25.

 4. Smoking

Smoking has been linked to cancer and heart disease for decades. There is no safe limit. Don’t start smoking, and if you do smoke, quitting should be your number one health goal.

Pure Vibe Tip: If you smoke, speak with your physician or naturopath to develop a plan for quitting as soon as possible.

5. Radiation

According to the Mayo Clinic, research suggests a link between breast cancer and radiation exposure. Medical-imaging methods use high doses of radiation, so avoid exposure.

Pure Vibe Tip: Ask questions and do your own research whenever a medical-imaging test is suggested. Newer radiation-free technologies are becoming more available (such as radiation-free breast thermography).

 6. Toxins

Every day we are exposed to toxins in our food, personal care products, and environment. Many          of these toxins, and especially in combination, pose health risks. Many are known to be carcinogenic. Read labels and do your homework to minimize exposures.

Pure Vibe Tip: Be mindful when choosing products, and opt for organic and toxin-free at every opportunity.

 7. Diet

After 14 years of research, it has been shown that women who follow a plant-based diet have a 15% less chance of developing breast cancer. Researchers report this is due to the extra fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

Pure Vibe Tip: The Pure Vibe Lifestyle celebrates a plant-based diet!

 8. Vitamin D

New research shows that Vitamin D plays an important role in preventing cancer, especially of the colon and breast. Speak to your physician or naturopath about your levels, and supplement if needed, especially in the darker months of fall and winter.

Pure Vibe Tip: The Pure Vibe Lifestyle includes spending time outside in the sunshine, which is easier to accomplish in the warmer, sunnier months. See your health care provider for more information.

 9. Sleep

More and more research continues to show the links of good health and quality sleep. One study showed that women with the poorest survival rates of breast cancer self-reported that they slept less than six hours a night. Poor outcomes are thought to be due to disrupted circadian rhythms, and shifted cortisol cycles, which are linked to a health immune system.

Pure Vibe Tip: Make regular, quality sleep a priority. Give yourself a full eight hours to sleep every night. Plan to disconnect from technology at least 30-minutes before sleep, and spend time in quiet, self-care activities.

10. Stress

Stress contributes to weight gain, blood sugar fluctuations, and increased estrogen levels, all known risk factors for breast cancer. These negatively impact your immune function and your body’s natural repair processes.

Pure Vibe Tip: Reduce your stress levels. Incorporate Vibe Wellness & Flow Classes, meditation, or other relaxation practices into your daily living.

Reducing these risk factors and incorporating these health tips work synergistically. Exercising regularly, hydrate, eating clean, getting quality sleep, and reducing stress work best as an integrated, Pure Vibe Lifestyle!



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