New Year Strategies to Make Your Health Goals Come True!

Many of us welcome the New Year with resolutions to improve our lives. We’re an optimistic species, and our collective history of “improvements” has brought us longer life spans, global travel, and amazing innovations and inventions. A fresh new year gives us a blank slate to write a new future for ourselves.

You’ve likely heard the old saying, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Which means no matter how big your goal or “journey,” you can only get there one step at a time, and its best to focus on that step instead of getting discouraged by the size of the goal. So no matter how big or small your health goals are for 2017 focus on your “next step,” and use some of these strategies to help make your goals your new reality.

Start a Health Journal

It’s easier to track and celebrate your progress when you can see the improvements in black and white. Treat yourself to a journal, and commit to paper the health goals you’ve set for yourself. Then track your progress, and celebrate your milestones. Whether your goals are eating less sugar or more plant-based whole foods; getting more quality sleep; working out regularly; or getting more personal or family time, a journal will help you see what’s working best for you, what’s not, and help you track your journey.

A Good Life Starts with a Good Night’s Sleep

Too little or poor quality sleep can contribute to many chronic health problems, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. According to Harvard Medical School, as little as one night of too little sleep can elevate blood pressure for the following day. There’s an old wives tale that says “every hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours of sleep after midnight.” Experts feel this is likely due to our circadian rhythms, as well as ensuring more hours of sleep if we get to bed earlier.

Fluids, Fluids, Fluids

Experts say many of us are dehydrated, and it’s important to maintain our body fluids as every cell in our body needs water to function! Start your day by drinking a large glass of water before other drinks or food. After 8 hours of sleep, you’re dehydrated. A “first thing” glass of water also improves the flow of oxygen, boosts your metabolism, and helps flush out toxins. Aim for another 10-12 glasses of water throughout the day.

Physical Fitness and a Strong Body

Your body is your “forever home,” and keeping it strong, flexible, and moving is important throughout your life. At Pure Vibe, we’re dedicated to helping all of our Vibers from beginners to advanced meet their fitness goals via 90 Day Programs, BCA Testing and a wide variety of classes ( and times ( to choose from.

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