Vibe Fitness 60 Day Check In Winner Chelsey

New Year New You: 60 Day Check in Winner.

Congrats 60 Day Check Winner Chelsey Muschamp!

What impresses us the most about Chelsey is her compassionate heart and open mind. As a strong community leader she is passionate and dedicated to helping others live a healthy, clean and green lifestyle as she influences her students and their families to make better choices for themselves and the planet. As a yoga specialist at her school she teaches her students to connect their mind to their body as they learn how to stay present, focused and calm becoming more at peace and self aware. She is always giving back and teaches her students to believe in themselves as she sets a strong example of acceptance and fierce devotion which she displays every time she comes to VIBES proving persistence trumps all!


  1. Where are you from and when did you move to Vancouver?
    I am originally from Perth, Australia and have been living in Vancouver since 1990.
  2. What enticed you to try Pure Vibe Fitness?
    I am so busy with teaching and tutoring that the 20/30 minute workout really appealed to me.
  3. Since you started back at Vibes in October 2016 you have done over 114 Classes, how has VIBES changed your life and what benefits have you noticed?
    I am way more disciplined in my workouts and have never felt stronger and more capable. I feel that I am capable of anything as I push myself past my comfort zone. Having asthma, I have always been afraid to push myself too hard. I now know that I can do it and Vibe has helped me realize that.
  4. What are some of your favorite aspects of coming to VIBES?
    I love the trainers at Vibes. They are so knowledgeable, motivating and inspiring. I also enjoy the sense of community that Vibe offers.
  5. You have kindly referred friends who are also thriving, what do you tell others about your daily habit?
    I tell people that you can do anything for 20/30 minutes. There is no denying that the workouts are hard, but through hard work and belief in yourself you can do it.
  6. Has the Pure Vibe Lifestyle rubbed off on you and if so in what ways?
    Yes it has, I drink way more water and although I was always mindful of my eating, I am way more aware of what I put in my body, as it definitely affects my workouts and how I feel.
  7. You have lost over 20 lbs, how has your daily vibe kept you on track?
    I have lost 20 pounds through careful and mindful eating and by regularly coming to Pure Vibe Fitness Studio.
  8. What advice would you share with a fellow Viber who is struggling with weight loss and feeling overwhelmed?
    Keep at it! Yes, the workouts are hard, yes your body will hurt, and yes you CAN do it!
  9. Within just 2 months of you joined The Extreme Team and are now fitter and stronger than ever. What does being a member of The Extreme Team mean to you and how has it helped shape the strong, confident and powerful women you are today?
    When I first started at vibe it was my goal to make it to the Extreme Team, I knew the numbers I had to reach to be on it. So every fitness class I would increase my machine by 1 or 2 and before I realized I was where I needed to be to join the Extreme Team. I persisted and worked hard to reach my goal. I LOVE to be pushed, it motivates me to try harder and do better. I have also learned to get out of my head!
  10. Describe how you feel after class and do you notice increased energy?
    I feel so proud of myself. I have had personal trainers in the past and have attended countless gym classes and I have never felt the rush that I get at the end of class as I do at the end of the Extreme Classes.
  11. What advice would you share with a new Viber that is just getting started?
    Keep at it, don’t quit!
  12. How does working with children motivate you to stay fit and healthy?
    I am a role model to the children I teach, they are so observant so it encourages me to be more mindful of everything I do. From eating healthy to exercising and keeping positive.
  13. Why is it so important to you to be the best version of yourself?
    I exercise for myself, not for anyone else. I feel its ok to be selfish about that! I only have one body and it’s taken me a long time to realize that I need to take care of it!
  14. Favorite Vibe Mantra:
    Mind over body!
  15. Favorite Vibe Exercise:
    Donkey kicks and push ups. I am also learning to love tricep dips and reverse plank!
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