Welcome to the Vibe Tribe

Experience the Benefits of a One Hour Fitness Class in ONLY 20 Minutes.

Let’s get started—become leaner, firmer, fitter, stronger and healthier with whole body vibration training.

From getting stronger and losing weight to improving stamina and endurance, whatever your intention, Pure Vibe Fitness Studio provides a quick and efficient way for you to fulfill your fitness and wellness goals. Our Whole Body Vibration high and low impact fitness classes cater to all levels, including beginners, in order to meet each individual’s needs. Improve your cardio, strength, decrease stress, gain balance, flexibility or just tighten and tone—so let’s get fit with the 20 minute HIIT!

Experience the Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Fitness

Burn fat lowering BFA & boost metabolic rate
Accelerated weight loss, lowering BMI
Improved cardio and circulation
Detoxifies, tighten and tones
Increased muscle power and strength
Improved balance and flexibility
Pre-sport warmup, post-sport recovery & injury prevention
Massage and relaxation
Improved bone density

Studio and Fitness Class Etiquette

Your machine is reserved for you, so you only need to arrive when your class starts.
Come well hydrated (3-4L/daily) and eat lightly 3-4 hours prior to your class.
Only clean, indoor runners are permitted on the machines, or bare feet.
Phones are not permitted during classes. Cellphones must be on silent while in the studio.
Please keep low voices in the studio while classes are in session.
Be sure to advise your trainer if you have any injuries or medical conditions.
Please refrain from talking during class in respect to your fellow vibers, your trainer and yourself.
Please do not place water bottles on the vibe floor or near machines.

What Our Vibers Say

If you struggle with sciatica/back pain or other injuries, you owe it to yourself to try Pure Vibe. It's my favorite workout for strength, endurance and to keep my back pain-free. It's an amazing boutique experience at an affordable price. Super-efficient, very invigorating (like a massage and a workout in one) and the staff and instructors are great.

—Julia Stretch (38)

Love it! Great challenging HIIT workout in just 20 minutes while your entire body vibrates.

—Ioulia (37)

What a great service, I love how it's only 20 min! The instructors are excellent and very informative. The best thing is that it works. Recommend everyone to try it, the small group class is what makes Pure Vibe unique, always changing the routines to keep it fresh.

—Sarah Tall (38)

Only workout I have ever stuck with. Amazing trainers and great results!

—Natree (49)

It's the most fun group class I've ever done. The instructors are all in amazing shape which is a testament to the power of whole body vibration therapy. The owners have done a really great job creating a community environment and they greet everyone by name and are VERY supportive and encouraging. Take a class with Dominica if you want to get your butt kicked. I go almost every day and I feel stronger and ready to take on more of a challenge every week. I love Pure Vibe!

—Hayley Jane (26)

BEST STUDIO AND FITNESS EVER. Great instructors, great management, great owners, great space. Very welcoming, what I also love is the diversity of the people. You work the hardest you ever have. Fabulous.

—Monica (67)

As a working mother of 3, time is of the essence. What I love about Pure Vibe is that I get the results of an hour workout in just 20 minutes! Pure Vibe respect my busy schedule and are right there to ensure I get the most out of my workout and see results! I have become fitter, stronger, more energized, and Pure Vibe allows me to put myself back on the list.

—Sue (44)

Pure Vibe is my favorite place to workout... I have seen more results with The Extreme Class than any other workout consistently burning 1200 - 1400 in just 30 minutes! Pure Vibe isn't just physical it is definitely therapeutic. I love being around all of the vibers ALL sweaty and pushing ourselves. We are all focused on the same goal, "being the best you can be".

—Trish (46)

I run and practice yoga, but I could feel that I needed to increase my cardio, power and strength but didn't have time to spend over an hour at the gym and that is when I discovered Pure Vibe. What I love is how convenient it is to zip in for a 20-minute class before or after my yoga or run. I have not only gotten stronger, but I have increased my endurance and speed when I run. My practice has become so much more rewarding due to my core strength as I can hold postures longer and get deeper due to my greater flexibility. Pure Vibe was the missing link that now allows me to excel and finally get the results I want!

—Lucy (32)

Pure Vibe has helped me loose over 26 lbs. and is the rock that keeps me on track. I have struggled with my weight my whole life and never felt comfortable in a gym. At Pure Vibe, the trainers are right there to help you in an encouraging and supportive environment, and that is what keeps me coming back! Right away, I started to noticed changes and felt leaner, stronger and more energized than ever!

—Chris (52)

There is no way I could have finished my first triathlon without Pure Vibe. It warms me up before I trained, increased my strength and endurance and was the key element in my post recovery which has allowed me to stay injury free, thank you Pure Vibe!

—Mark (58)

I've been doing this HIIT for a year now and I've never been fitter. It shows visible results very quickly and it improves on many aspects of my health. It puzzles me why there aren't more guys attending this type of training it's quite intense and very efficient. The app makes it easy to manage your schedule. And the owners and the trainers are awesome.

—Mihai (35)

I have been a return Viber for four months now and I am addicted. I have never worked harder and felt stronger in my life! The trainers are so motivating, supporting and inspiring. If you have been thinking about joining, trust me, you wont regret it :)

—Chelsey Ward Muschamp (41)

Since training at Pure Vibe over the past seven months I have lost an amazing 38 lbs but it's a lot more than the number, I feel stronger and leaner than I ever have before. What first attracted me was the 20 minute classes that offered the equivalent of an hour work out because it is fitting for a busy lifestyle such as mine. I think vibes is so effective because it is a fast paced class, no wasting time which keeps your heart rate up burning more fat and calories and there is nothing else out there that you can work out for only 20 minutes and get the results I've seen. The addition of the vibe machine really works out the stabilizer muscles and I can feel the total body work out whereas spin, yoga or running only works specific muscles. I have issues with my knee, back and hip joints but since changing my work out to the vibe machine I have seen a drastic reduction in the levels of pain and discomfort in my joints. After a vibe class I always feel accomplished and motivated and have noticed a positive boost in my moods and more energy in my day to day life since using vibes.

—Rebecca Spring (31)

I love spending time with my grandchildren, however, when they got older; I started to develop osteoporosis that slowed me down. I was in a lot of pain and worried about having a fall, so I started visiting Pure Vibe. Not only have I gained bone density but also I have developed strength, balance, and flexibility. I can now enjoy doing what I love, and I have never felt better!

—Shirley (68)

Best workout in town with strong instructors who will motivate you and keep you going, it’s for everyone from beginners to everyday athletes and only 20 minutes!

—Marie-Eve Dube (36)