Meet our Vibe Star Tara

1. What did you think when your Mom told you she started VIBES and what enticed you to try it?

I was so intrigued by Vibes and how it was something my Mom was going to all the time and really loving it and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

2. Since you started Vibes in June 2014 you have done over 518 Classes, how has VIBES changed your life and what benefits have you noticed?

Vibes has changed my life in giving me something that I can commit too in a safe loving atmosphere where I can go and blow off some steam. Vibes has benefited me in many ways as I am more toned then I have ever been, my energy levels have dramatically increased and has encouraged me to live a healthy lifestyle.

3. What is one of your favorite aspects of Vibes?

One of my favorite aspects of Vibes is even though you are on your own machine it is a team workout. We all carry each other through the class and support one another.

4. You, your Mom and sister have all vibed together and you have kindly referred friends who are also thriving, what do you tell others when asked about your addiction?

When friends and family ask about my addiction to Vibes I say you can do anything for 20 mins.

5. Has the Pure Vibe Lifestyle rubbed off on you and if so in what ways?

Yes now I always sweat once a day. If I can’t go to Vibes I always make sure I go for a run, hike, yoga, or anything to get my heart rate up.

6. While away in Australia in April 2016 you hit your head and suffered from a serious brain injury. Despite hospitalization, painful treatment and all the terrible side effects and symptoms you had the courage to persevere and went on to rebuild your strength, balance, flexibility, cardio, altheticism, power, endurance and are now fitter than ever and in the best shape of your life, what motivated you to fight so hard?

What motivated me to fight so hard throughout my recovery was my health. I feel like I took my health for granted before and going through the accident really showed me that health is wealth. If you don’t have that you have nothing.

7. What advice would you share with a fellow viber who is struggling with an injury, in alot of pain and feeling very discouraged and daunted by the long road ahead?

Just remember “stick to it you can do it”. It’s amazing how much fight the human body has, it may take a long time but if you really want it you will get there.

8. Within just 4 months of your recovery you rejoined The Extreme Team and are now even better than ever! What does being a member of The Extreme Team mean to you and how has it helped shape the strong, confident and powerful women you are today?

Joining the Extreme Team has pushed me to be the best I can be and to give it my all during the 30 Minute Class.

9. Besides your focus, form, cardio, flexibility and stamina what sets you apart is your SPEED which makes you SOOOO FUN to train!:) How does HIIT make you feel and why do you love going hard and fast?

In HIIT training speed is key, the faster you go the more of a rush and benefits you get.

10. Describe how you feel after class and do you notice a shift in your mood?

After a Vibe Class my energy is off the charts and I feel so accomplished that I set time aside for my health. I have so much more energy and am always in a better mood.

11. What advice would you share with new vibers that are just getting started?

For new vibers you should be excited you are joining this family. Everyone is supportive and always there for you. Especially to shake off 2016 and have 2017 be the year for you to become the best you can be.

12. Why is it so important for you to stay healthy, fit and strong and is all the hard work worth it?

Yes it’s so worth it because I feel so much better when I am.

13. Favorite Vibe Mantra:

“When the going gets tough you get tougher.”

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