Mastering a strong mind will raise your vibrations and improve your life!

“Silence is a true friend who never betrays.” Confucius

Nothing has the power to influence your life more than silence and the thoughts going on inside your head. This internal chatter can either be a powerful force used to achieve what you want, or it can be your greatest limitation.

We all know that voice. The voice we want to be saying, “you got this, you can and you will” but for many people it tells lies like “you’re not good enough, strong enough” creating self doubt. Building your mental strength to master your mind is key in achieving any goal. Building the habit of silence will help you work harder in the studio and achieve more in your everyday life.

The moment you talk you disconnect and are not present and focused on the task at hand. As a result your performance suffers making you less efficient. The world’s most profound work of scientists, physicians, musicians, artists, writers and athletes is done in focused, controlled, calm and quiet environment, which is the entire purpose of Pure Vibe to cut out any distractions.

Mastering a strong mind will raise your vibrations and improve your life.

Get started with the following tools:

  1. Meditation – Adding positive self-talk to a cluttered mental landscape full of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt or negative internal chatter can be hard. The easiest way to begin changing the dialogue within your mind is to TURN OFF the chatter by practicing silence. Mediation has been shown to decrease anxiousness and fearful thought patterns. Not talking is the quickest and safest way to bring your breath back into alignment, which lowers your heart rate to calm your body. Once you’re back to neutral, you can move on to using a mantra. This practice can be done throughout the entire day and why the happiest creatures on the planet are quiet.
  2. Mantras – Your strong body is a derivative of your strong mind. A mantra is a series of words that you repeat to yourself which get affirmed through repetition as dosage = results. The more you say it, the more your subconscious absorbs it. Mantras help shift negative thought patterns to positive ones. To get started with mantras set your intention at the start of each day. “I will nail my presentation, crush my class and stay hydrated.” At the end of the day practice gratitude by reflecting on three things you accomplished, “I closed the deal, I made it to class and I rung out my sports bra.”
  3. Visualization – Adding visualization to your mantra is a powerful way to enhance the experience and draw in more of what you are yearning for. Imagine a picture of yourself doing the thing you want to achieve or feeling how you want to feel. The more real you can make this visualization the faster you will be able to connect to the feeling behind it and call it in. What you see and believe you will achieve.

“Silence calms your soul, allowing peace to enter your heart, which enables you to master your strong mind so you can earn your strong body and live your strong life. It is the difference between an amateur and a pro.” Dominica Bay

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