Lemon Ginger Detox Salad

Fingers crossed that the beginning of March will bring the beginning of spring, and brighter days. We’re overdue for some “spring fever,” and a good old fashioned detox salad! It’s chock full of fresh ingredients that work with your body’s own detox systems. Tip: Great for meal prep on Sunday if stored in glass airtight containers.

Ingredient Detoxification Benefits
Apple Cider


Rich in good bacteria, enzymes, and acetic acid, ACV helps lower blood pressure and balance blood sugar levels.
Avocado Avocados are rich in healthy fats, which support your liver, a major detox organ, and help your body absorb fat-soluble nutrients.
Beets Beets contain a specific type of phytonutrient called betalains, which directly support the liver’s detoxification processes.
Cabbage Cabbage is an excellent source of sulphur and vitamin C, which combat free radicals and help eliminate uric acid from the body.
Carrot Carrots help balance hormones and remove excess estrogen, and remove bad bacteria from the gut.
Garlic Garlic contains Vitamin C, antioxidants, and alliin, all of which support your immune system and your liver.
Ginger Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory, that stimulates digestion and circulation. It helps remove waste from the liver and colon.
Lemon Lemon juice is an excellent support for the liver, as well as the immune and digestive systems.


Mung Beans Mung beans are full of protein and rich in flavonoids which help bind and clear heavy metals (such as mercury) and pesticides from the body.
Parsley Fresh parsley is full of chlorophyll and antioxidants. It supports the health of your urinary tract.
Spinach Spinach is an excellent blood builder and cleanser, due to its content of iron, folate, vitamins B6 and K, and chlorophyll.

Organic Ingredients (Salad Dressing):

¾ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

½ cup extra virgin olive oil

1-inch knob of fresh ginger

1 clove garlic

2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar

Organic Ingredients (Salad):

4 cups shredded cabbage

1 cup organic spinach

½ cup mung beans (raw, cooked, or sprouted)

1 large carrot, grated

1 handful fresh flat-leaf parsley, chopped

½ avocado, sliced

2 tbsp. grated beets


  1. Prepare the dressing. Place all ingredients in blender and combine well. Makes 1-½ cups. (Store excess in a glass jar with tight-fitting lid in fridge for up to a week).
  2. Prepare the salad. Combine and toss all ingredients except avocado in large bowl. Add 3-4 tbsp. salad dressing, toss to coat, and let marinate for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Top with the sliced avocado, and enjoy.


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