running in the fall

Join us this Fall as we strive to achieve Total Body Wellness!

Total body wellness. That’s the dream – isn’t it?

When you hear the words “total body wellness,” what do you think of? What does whole body wellness look like to you? What does it mean?

It’s different for everyone. For some, whole body wellness includes working out before or after work, eating clean throughout the week and having high energy levels to run around with the kids on the weekend! For others, it’s finding the perfect balance of work and play.

It’s easy to motivate yourself and commit to building the lifestyle you want when you have the accountability and support of a community doing it with you. If you’re ready to take the next step in creating a lifestyle that fosters total body wellness, then the 90-Day Back to Vibes Challenge is for you!

The change of season brings about the perfect atmosphere to create healthy lifestyle changes in your life. During the Back to Vibes Challenge, we’ll be sharing our best tips to start living a life of total body wellness. You’ll feel motivated to make the changes in your life that will bring you closer to your ideal state of total body wellness.

Some of the perks you can look forward to during the challenge are: weekly body-part fitness tips; healthy eating recipes; simple diet swaps to achieve better digestion and nutrition; sleep and relaxation advice and more! If you haven’t joined our Facebook community, be sure to like us for daily tips here:

Sign up for the 90-Day Back to Vibes Challenge in the studio today! It runs from September 20, 2015 – December 19, 2015.

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