Is Whole Body Vibration Better Than Cardio??

Can standing on a Whole Body Vibration Machine replace the need for cardio? While Whole Body Vibration Machines aren’t intended to replace cardio, you can get a better cardiovascular work-out with the power of Whole Body Vibration.

Recent studies showed that Whole Body Vibration mimics the metabolic effects of exercise. Obese and diabetic mice were able to gain similar muscle mass and insulin sensitivity improvements from 45-minutes a day on a treadmill or VIBING on a Whole Body Vibration Machine for 20-minutes a day for four months.

This is HUGE.

One of the biggest struggles for people suffering from obesity, is that most cardiovascular activities are too intense for them to do. This sets them back further, as it’s a major struggle to go from zero activity to cardio overnight.

Whole Body Vibration offers a gentle, low impact, easy way to gain the benefits of a cardiovascular workout without stressing out your body and protecting your heart.

Whole Body Vibration can be a better option for cardiovascular exercise in the following scenarios:

  • If you’re overweight, and other cardio routines like running on the treadmill or taking a fitness class are out of reach. When you’re feeling too tired after work to even get started with cardio, Whole Body Vibration can be an excellent option.
  • If you’re injured. When an injury or chronic pain is setting you back, Whole Body Vibration is a much safer and smarter alternative than cardio. You can gain the benefits from simply standing on the machine and letting the G-force from the vibration do the work for you.
  • If you’re in your senior years. While we have a ton of rock-star VIBERS of all ages who continue to kick butt in Vibe Fitness classes, we know that not everyone has the same abilities their senior years. By leveraging the powerful cardio benefits of Whole Body Vibration, you can take care of your cardiovascular health without overdoing yourself and risking injury.
  • If you’re struggling with diabetes. Regular exercise, including cardio, is one of the best things you can do to prevent/manage diabetes. WBV improves your body’s sensitivity to insulin, and helps regulate blood sugar levels. We recommend coming 3-4+ times a week for people with diabetes. This type of regular exercise schedule helps burn excess carbs and sugar and improve circulation which prevents numbness in limbs.

If you’re already exercising regularly, Whole Body Vibration may be just the thing to accelerate your endurance and cardiovascular training!

Whole Body Vibration helps warm up muscles before training, relax muscles post-workout, and takes your training to the next level. By squatting, planking and HIIT-ing your intensity on the VIBE, you amplify results in less time.

Our Vibe Cardio Class was designed for dedicated fitness fanatics in Kitsilano who want to take their workout to the next level. This fun, high energy class is guaranteed to get your heart pumping! On average people burn 800-1000 calories in this 20-minute class.

In Conclusion:

If you’re looking to improve your cardiovascular health, Whole Body Vibration is better than most traditional exercise machines. When you choose Whole Body Vibration for your cardio workout, you’ll get more benefits in less time.

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