How to Transition to a Milk and Dairy Free Diet ?

Why should you ditch dairy?

Transitioning to a dairy-free lifestyle isn’t as hard as you might think. Thanks to the demand from people all over the world wanting healthier, safer and greener alternatives, the market now has tons of plant based alternatives.

If you live in Vancouver, you are even more spoiled with limitless options. There is an abundance of vegan plant-based products at every grocery store, coffee shop and majority of restaurants.

Unless you’re a baby calf, it’s time to ditch dairy! Dairy products contribute to excess weight gain and inflammation which is the root of pain, illness and disease. The dairy industry torture animals along the way to producing it while destroying our environment.

Canada’s Food Guide, which was recently updated for the first time in over a decade, says we need to eat more plant-based foods. This was a major update, and the first time the Diary Board wasn’t able to heavily influence the guidelines to suit their agenda!

“Milk and Alternatives” and “Meat and Alternatives” have lost their status as groups as official food groups, and instead been placed under the much smallergeneral “Protein Source” category.

Wikipedia estimates around 75% of the world is lactose intolerant! There is zero reason to choose dairy products in 2019, as there are so many other avenues for getting calcium and nutrition in plant-based products.

Ditch dairy for good. Make your transition to a dairy-free diet a little easier with our Vibe Life tips!

  1. Be Informed: Milk is a sneaky food, that’s disguised under many names on food labels. Caseinate and Whey are two of the most common names. Do an over-haul of your pantry for foods containing these ingredients, and always read labels at the grocery store (being an informed shopper is sexy)!
  • Eat Balanced Meals: When you’re making any major diet change, the easiest time to slip back into old eating patterns is when you’re hungry, or worse… hangry! Avoid this all together by focusing on eating well balanced meals. Practice fasting between meals, and avoid unnecessary snacking, as that only causes more food cravings, hunger and weight gain.
  • All or Nothing – Ditch it: It’s harder on your body to have “just a little” than it is to cut it out altogether. You’ll end up with more cravings over time if you continue to eat small amounts of dairy. Make the commitment to yourself to cut it out altogether! 
  • Keep It Simple: Have an easy to follow meal plan for your first few weeks being dairy-free. Have fun cooking with flavorful, healthy ingredients like coconut milk, almond milk and hemp products. You’ll surprise yourself with how many amazing alternatives you find for your favourite recipes.
  • Smart Replacements: We all have our favourite indulgences, and for a lot of people, that’s cream in their coffee or cheese. If there is a particular dairy item you crave, find plant-based replacements for them and keep them on hand. In Vancouver you will have no problem finding a delicious replacement for any dairy product.

Vibe Tip: Full fat coconut milk makes an amazing coffee cream replacement! Hemp and Almond milk make excellent dairy milk substitutes. And for my cheese lover’s nutritional yeast is a must. We always keep these items in our pantry and use daily!

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