How Pure Vibe Enhances The Power of Your Orgasms?

This Valentine’s Day indulge in the benefits of the big O! Embracing your sexual energy, awakening your chakra’s and releasing stress through orgasms is one of the most satisfying and intelligent forms of self-love.

The fantastical energy that washes over your body post-orgasm comes from oxytocin and vasopressin. These hormones help you reduce stress, sharpen your brain, gain more focus and improves your sleep. It’s basically the ultimate self-love chemical cocktail that will leave you feeling blissed out for days!

Pure Vibe Fitness improves your sex life by strengthening, tightening and toning your body while deepening your inner connection. The stamina, cardio and muscle definition developed in class helps you have more powerful orgasms and feel sexier while you’re doing it. Doing Kegel exercises on the VIBE is the safest, most efficient way to strengthen your pelvic floor. Having a strong pelvic floor is the KEY to multiple orgasms and female ejaculation.

When you feel strong, sexy and confident you tap into your unlimited GRIT and endurance exactly like exercise. Which is why your effort in class is a direct reflection of your effort in the bedroom. This is why athletes and fitness enthusiasts have the most profound sex lives because it requires the exact same character traits of mental, physical and spiritual strength.

By living The VIBE LIFE through plant based nutrition, daily exercise, deep restorative sleep, hydration and daily orgasms you will feel 21 again and transform into your best YOU!

IMPORTANT: Deepen your breath to deepen your orgasm. 

A sacred orgasm can be just as healing as a deep meditation. One of the reasons our Pure Vibe classes focus on breath work is to promote a stronger connection to yourself. 

This simple self-love act of orgasms will benefit every area of your life. Your immune function improves by having sex just 1-2 times a week. Your heart health improves from the cardiovascular activity and balancing of hormones that occurs after having sex. Your blood pressure is lowered from the oxytocin and you feel more grounded and at peace in your heart.

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