How Exercise Reduces Stress Long After You’ve Left the Studio

The quote “You’re one workout away from a good mood” can and should be taken quite literally! Science shows that regularly participating in aerobic exercise (any exercise that gets your hearts pumping and strengthens your lungs) has been shown to decrease tension, uplift and stabilize mood, improve quality of sleep and increase self-esteem. 

As little as 5-minutes of aerobic exercise can stimulate anti-anxiety benefits!

So how does it work?

Exercise boosts your overall health, energy and sense of well-being, which causes you to feel better! Working up a sweat also provides direct stress-relieving benefits that last long after your VIBE.

Endorphins aka “Runners High”are released from your body when you exercise. They trigger a positive feeling in your body that has been compared to morphine. Endorphins are responsible for interacting with the receptors in your brain to reduce the amount of pain you feel. The feeling you have after a 20-minute Vibe Fitness or Vibe Cardio Class, when you’re all sweaty and pink-cheeked is often accompanied by an uplifted and energized outlook on life. This is thanks to the endorphins flooding your brain from your workout.

Movement Meditationis what happens when you focus your mind in the present moment. It’s hard to worry about how bad your work-day was when you’re truly present on the sensations you feel in your body as you squat, lunge and run. Note: If you are thinking about your day you’re not squatting deep enough or sprinting fast enough. One of the reasons we work with mantras in our classes, is to help VIBERS connect to their breathe and focus on being present with themselves through exercise. The ripple effects from practising presence through movement, is more awareness and calmness outside the studio in everyday life.

Naturally Boost Your Mood. Exercise helps chronic depression by increasing serotonin (responsible for helping regulate mood, sleep and appetite). It also reduces immune system chemicals that can contribute to the worsening of some cases of depression. Regularly exercising increases self-confidence, which contributes to stronger feelings of satisfaction from life and greater relaxation. An added benefit from exercise is better sleep, which significantly improves digestion, mental health and mood regulation.

Don’t limit your movement to the studio! Keep the benefits going long after your VIBE. Walk, run or bike to the studio when you can. Find forms of movement that you LOVE and lights you up – as it only takes 5-minutes of aerobic exercise to boost your mood.

Dancing, skipping, running the stairs, burpees, squat jumps and jogging in place are just a few EASY to do exercises that require little space or equipment. 

Daily exercise is the most potent medicine for improving your mental and physical health. Don’t make exercise another stressor on your never ending “to-do list”. Instead be grateful you have the privilege of a mobile body and use it to become the best you and give back to others that aspire to be YOU! 

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