How does Sheryl Crow like to exercise?

Sheryl Crow’s tech essentials include (clockwise from left): 1964 Gibson Country Western, Blokus, Tribord snorkeling masks, Hypervibe G17 Pro, Nespresso Aeroccino4, Opal Nugget Ice Maker. PHOTO: AUSTIN VINTAGE GUITARS (GUITAR)

By Chris Kornelis

My 10-year-old eats ice all the time. He likes the ice from Sonic Drive-Ins. At Christmas, Santa Claus brought our family an Opal Nugget Ice Maker, which makes Sonic-style ice. It sits right on top of your cabinet. It doesn’t need its own drain and it makes the best ice. We love it.

The best thing that’s ever happened to my life since my kids is my Nespresso Aeroccino4 milk frother. I have to say, I have a love affair with Starbucks—there’s just something about a Venti latte in the morning. But since I got this, the lattes I make are basically the same. I don’t have to feel guilty about spending five bucks on a latte.

The exercise gear that I use every day is the Hypervibe G17 Pro. It’s a vibrating machine that you stand on and it engages your core and strengthens all the small muscle groups. It’s particularly good for people who are getting older, which is why I bought them for my parents.

I don’t love my kids’ being on the iPad, but there is a great on-the-fly drum program called “EasyBeats” that both of my kids love. It’s a way of creating music, and they don’t even really know they’re doing it.

Whenever we’re anywhere near the beach, we love to go snorkeling. We all use these amazing Tribord snorkeling masks. They cover your whole face, so you breath into the mask instead of just a snorkel. They’re fantastic.

My kids are on the bus with me when I’m on tour, and we take several games with us, including Blokus, which my boys love. It’s a thinking game where you try to connect squares corner to corner. It’s a great brain exercise.

My go-to iPhone app is “Voice Memos” [to record]. On an airplane, I’ll beat box a little groove then hum a melody. Later, I’ll see if I can figure out what I thought was brilliant about it. Most people think I’m talking on the phone.

I’ve used my 1964 Gibson Country Western guitar on every record I’ve made. It’s the only instrument that’s been on all 10 records. I’ve always gravitated to this particular guitar, maybe because it’s got a neck size that’s good for my small hands. It just has a good juju.

I use “Waze” because traffic in Nashville is getting bad. I tell everyone: It’s a great place to live; please don’t move here. We used it the other day so our tour bus could drop my kids at school. My 10-year-old was psyched and my 7-year-old was mortified. That’s the difference in my two boys.


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