Health & Wellness Gift Ideas

Give Wellness. Give Health. Give Back.

While chocolates or bottle of wine is always received with a smile, this holiday season, gift mindfully. After a year like 2018, everyone’s body and mind could use a break from toxic sugar, stimulants and alcohol. Right now, the greatest gift of all may just be helping someone feel better and sleep easier.

An exercise on mindful giving:

Take a deep breath in, and breath out. Another breath in, and breathe out. Now really relax your face muscles, your jaw, your tongue. Say to yourself: I am peace. I am strong. I am calm. I love myself. The world is an abundant, ever flowing, loving place. I am enough.

When you connect to yourself and make space for mindfulness, you are more likely to gift from the heart and a place of love and connection. Avoid shopping malls, or “Holiday Sales” as these environments are well planned to through you off center and spend unnecessarily in the name of giving.

Three Rules for a Mindful Holiday:

  1. Don’t kill yourself trying to show people how much you love them.
  2. Do not go home to visit family if it damages your mental health.
  3. If someone comments on your ripped arms, tell them how much you love Pure Vibe:)

Gifting presents to your family and friends can be a great way to express your love and gratitude. Just make sure you’re doing it from a place of joy, for yourself and the other person. Sharing the gift of health wellness is always in style!

Pure Vibe’s Top 5 Health and Wellness Gift Ideas:

  1. Glass Straws. Glass Sippers are our # 1 favorite as you are healing humanity and the planet with every sip:
  2. Relaxing Bath Salts. These can be made (like our DIY-recipe) or purchased from local crafters. Gift your loved one a relaxing bath, which is always a treat!
  3. Fitness Gear. Whether it’s a new workout bag, socks or headband, gifting valuable items that will be used often to support someone’s health goals is always appreciated.
  4. Essential Oils. Perfect for helping your loved on relax. Essential oils come in a range of prices and scents. If you’re budget allows, consider gifting along with a diffuser. 
  5. Potted Plants. Consider potting some succulents or other year-round plant in mason jars or recycled glass jars. This is something that can be admired for a long time!

Give the gift of strength, happiness and health with a Pure Vibe gift card! Available in any denominating starting at just $25. All new Vibers get personalized one on one attention, customized training, nutrition coaching and our app makes it easy for booking in classes 24/7.

While you are enjoying the company of loved ones and feasting this holiday season, don’t forget about the people in our community who go without access to nutritious food and warm shelter. In Canada, there are over 850,000 people who turn to the Food Bank for help. Please consider donating quality foodin need to the local food bank (they also accept monetary donations). Giving back is in style all year round, so please find a way to give that feels right to you, and contribute where you can in the community. The more you give the more you get! 

Happy Holidays from us all at Pure Vibe!

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