Getting Married

Pure Vibe’s Whole Body Vibration 20 MIN Fitness Classes will help you blast fat, lose weight and tighten and tone your arms, shoulders, abs, butt and thighs for your wedding day.

It’s more common than not for brides to have a regular fitness program leading up to their big day. With all the stress of planning a wedding you want your fitness program to be fun, effective and easy to follow.

Sweating for the wedding is about more than just fitting into a dress. It’s about becoming your best you so you feel healthy, strong and comfortable in your skin.

Pure Vibe and WBV is a must for any bride to be who wants blast fat, slim down, tighten and tone up and glow from the inside out!

· Pure Vibe’s Classes are only 20 minutes and use HIIT (high-intensity-interval-training) to maximize your results and time at the studio.

· High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is the winning combo for weight loss and muscle definition.

· Classes includes cardio and strength so you can rev your metabolic rate and elevate your after burn effect up to 72 HOURS post class!

· Our fitness classes target every muscle in your body so you are perfectly toned from head to toe!

· Keep stress levels at bay. WBV decreases the unhealthy side effects of stress, like cortisol. Having too much cortisol in your body makes it hard to lose weight.

· WBV is the fastest way to eliminate cellulite. WBV helps increase circulation, lymphatic drainage and breaks up fatty tissue which causes cellulite to disappear.

· Make moving a priority! Treat your workouts with the same value as appointments with your wedding planner or florist.

If you want to workout harder and push past your limits faster Pure Vibe is the perfect solution for you! Take action now as the wedding day approaches and email us @ to book your Beginner Class today!

We have a great team of trainers ready to welcome you to the studio and help you reach your goals!

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