Fallen Off The Wagon This Summer?

Ahhhh…summer. We look forward to it all year and those terrific memories sustain us for the year to come. Whether your vacation has taken you overseas or to the local beach, up the mountain or down the river, we wish you an awesome summer to remember forever!

If your fitness program has also taken a vacation this summer, then we invite you get back on track this August! Come experience our state of the art new Hypervibe G25 Machines, and enjoy one of our 80+ classes a week. We’re here to help you get jumpstart on your fall goals before the craziness of September hits!

We’re proud to have the very best machines on the planet and ready to help you become the best version of yourself! The Hypervibe G25 offers the best G-force for the greatest benefits in reducing fat, improving metabolism, and building lean muscle mass, strength, lowering your BFA (body fat analysis), BMI (Body mass index), and accelerating weight loss.

If you’ve fallen off the fitness wagon this summer, don’t wait till September when it’s so busy to get back on track. The sooner you’re back in the swing of things, the sooner you’ll be feeling more energized! Research shows that gravity is a key part of our overall health, especially in respect to movement and exercise. The Hypervibe G25 plus a 20-Minute HIIT class will get you back in shape quickly!

Still in vacation mode? Even if you can’t commit to your full program till September always remember some is better than none so schedule a class when you can, and follow the Pure Vibe Lifestyle: Get lots of quality sleep; drink lots of clean water; sweat daily: bike, run, hike, swim and with nature’s bounty all around us, enjoy the variety of an organic, plant-based diet.

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