Fall fitness back on track

Fallen off the fitness wagon this summer? Pure Vibe can help get you back on track!

We hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic summer—lazy days at the beach, delicious BBQ’s, trips and reunions. If you’ve fallen off the “fitness wagon” this summer and aren’t sure how to get back into a healthy routine, then Pure Vibe is here to help!

10 ways Pure Vibe and Whole Body Vibration (WBV) can help you get back on track!

Step #1: Book a Beginner Vibe Class today by emailing info@purevibe.ca: (link to class schedule).

We pride ourselves on taking care of our new Vibers! The Beginner Vibe Class is specifically designed to determine if we are a fit by reviewing your goals, injuries and make recommendations for the Training Program that will deliver results. Both founders and owners facilitate all Beginner Vibe Classes so please come prepared with your goals and questions.

Lots of classes to choose from: Pure Vibe is open 7 days a week offering 72 classes/week for all ages and abilities. Our schedule is designed to fit your busy schedule!

Free app to book classes: Our free app (link to where to download) lets you book classes with no booking restrictions or late fees, review class schedules and purchase memberships as well as clicking through to our Facebook and Twitter pages. The app is extremely efficient and easy to use!

A 1-hour workout in just 20 minutes!

Imagine performing 33,000 muscle contractions in only 20-minutes. Pure Vibe’s Hypervibe—Performance WBV Machines are unique in that they can provide a training stimulus ranging from a gentle 1G of a gravitational load right up to an intense 17G or 17 times Earth’s gravity. This means your body can accomplish more in 1/3 the time while the machine is doing a lot of the work and accelerating your results!

Our dedication to you!

We love our Vibers! From our community feel, personal attention, 90 Day Programs and monthly BCA Check In’s to keep you accountable and complimentary lifestyle and nutritional coaching everything we do is for you to WIN and we pride ourselves on transforming our Vibers into the best versions of themselves!

Increase circulation and cardiovascular health!

WBV increases blood and lymph circulation, which helps reduce blood pressure and increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your cells while offsetting inflammation and pain.

Lose weight

WBV helps people lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. This is partly due to building lean muscle while dramatically increasing your metabolism as you burn fat and change your body’s hormone responses.

Increase bone density

WBV was first developed to help prevent bone loss in astronauts living without gravity in space. Since then, dozens of studies have shown that WBV reduces bone loss and increases bone density.

Have fun!

Our trainers and fellow Vibers are the best! At Pure Vibe we have lots of fun in class and foster a positive, up beat community for everyone’s wellbeing, health, and longevity.

Our 90-Day Total Body Wellness Fall Challenge:

Register now for our latest challenge that runs until December 16, 2016 and let us help you get “back on track” with our personalised goal sheets, individualized training program, and nutritional & lifestyle coaching. More than $1000 of prizes will be WON so don’t miss out on all the FUN!

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