Drive Up your Metabolism and Lose Weight with Whole Body Vibration.

When you have a high metabolism, your body continues to burn fat and calories long after exercising, even when you’re asleep. One of the simplest ways to avoid gaining weight over the holidays is to focus on keep your metabolism HIGH. Your metabolism slows with age (roughly 2% a year in women over 30), but there are easy ways to DRIVE IT UP into high gear. You are never too old to have your body working in top shape! Think about Jane Fonda, Tina Turner and Christie Brinkley as living proof. By focusing on improving your metabolic rate you avoid weight gain and keep the pounds off with ease.

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) stimulates every single cell in your body. This causes your body to function at a higher rate and burn more fuel! Having a high metabolism makes is easier for your body to burn fat and maintain a healthy weight. It also accelerates the speed in which your body can burn calories regardless of your age.

Getting enough quality sleep is another important aspect to keeping your metabolism high. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can disrupt glucose metabolism and other important hormones involved in regulating metabolism. This means you need to hit the SHEETS and get a good night’s sleep. This along with hydration is a non-negotiable step in long-term weight management.

Earn your EPOC by burning fat and calories long after your VIBE. We all know that a good workout increases your metabolic rate and gives you a boost of energy. But wouldn’t it be nice to keep burning fat and calories in high gear all day long? You can with Vibe Fitness and Vibe Cardio. Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is what measures your ability to burn energy in rest mode. Having a high BMR helps you burn more calories while sleeping. Use this to your advantage to keep weight off this time of year while most are gaining weight. Never miss a workout and prioritize getting in your daily VIBE. If you’re traveling this time of year, get creative with how you exercise as there is always something you can do.

There is never an excuse for missing your sacred time to do you. Run, swim, hit the stairs or use your body weight for training on a mat in your hotel room. Every time you exercise, your body cranks up its ability to keep burning fat and calories all day long! Pre-Book your VIBES this holiday season to ensure you stay on track and wake up Jan. 1, 2019 feeling lighter, tighter and happier vs. heavier, lousy and depressed. Happy Holidays from everyone at Pure Vibe!

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