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Do you believe in global warming? Do you adore nature? Do you believe children deserve a greener future? Do you respect animals? Do you believe it starts with you? At the start of the month, we challenged every viber to go plant-based or at the very least implement “Meatless Mondays” for the month of November. Many of you have made a permeant switch and reeping the physical, mental, spiritual and financial rewards. However many of you have been living “The Vibe Life” for many years already doing your part as you lead by example. One VIBE STAR, in particular, is Stacy Taylor. She certainly walks her walk and has a very gentle yet inspiring approach similar to Linda McCartney. I admire people that can be “quietly passionate” with effortless grace like Mother Teresa. Clearly that is not something Elgan and are able to pull off. Passion is a blessing and a curse depending what market you are in. Charlotte, Austin, Scottsdale, Rancho, La Jolla we were celebrated, in my hometown of Vancouver not so much. You have to be so casual in trying to empower lives it’s an art form. This in a nutshell is why Stacy is a strong role model for youth as she is able to inspire without suggestion. That is the sign of a true leader. Like my man Gord says “It takes all your power not to care.” When you TRULY want to make a change sometimes it requires you to put your emotions aside and determine the smarter approach to get the message across. That’s why I respect Stacy. Ultimately all that matters is we unite as one to educate the community on easy simple ways we can protect her health, longevity and beauty.
What enticed you to try VIBES?
Originally it was the idea of a full workout in 20 minutes.
What does being a VIBER mean to you?
Goal achievement – setting where you’d like to be and going beyond.
What is your favourite Vibe Mantra?
We are all made of energy.
What are your favourite VIBE exercises?
Planks and plank twists.
How has VIBES changed your life and what benefits have you noticed?
I do the 7:00am start and it is a great way to start the day and keeps your spirit up all day – a great way to go to work!
Have you learned anything about yourself since joining VIBES?
Breaking tasks into smaller, manageable components (20 minutes).
What advice would you share with a new VIBER that is just getting started?
It’s 20 minutes of your day so give it 100%.
What were your goals when you started; what are you still working to achieve?
To increase the number of times I exercise each week.
How would you say this program is different than others you’ve tried?
It is easier to fit into my schedule, and therefore easier to maintain.
How would those close to you describe the difference they’ve seen in you?
Happier – I think its the endorphins!
Why is The Vibe Life and eating a plant-based diet important to you?
Sometimes, other fitness buffs look down on vegans and ask questions like how do you get enough protein to take this class? But at vibe, it seemed like no one ate meat. The vibe is an exercise for the plant-based athlete.
What inspired you to become a fitness professional?
I’ve been vegan for years and thought that meant I would have less energy and could not do physically demanding exercises/activities. This is of course, not true, and I wanted to share this knowledge with others. I study and go to seminars on plant-based diets and exercise to increase my own knowledge and answer others questions.
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