Congrats Top Viber Bob Kritharis

For the past 13 weeks you have seen his name on the leader board so who is Bob?

Being a single working Dad you always manage to get your workout in no matter what. Why is your daily vibe so important to you?

It is what gives me the energy and strength to get through my day and multi task.

How has vibes affected your life and what benefits you have noticed?

I have never felt so balanced and strong in my life. It’s like you have taken the clock back in time.

Why do you feel the dosage is so critical to obtaining your goals?

Daily exercise is like food, it gives you energy, image a day without eating.

As a community leader what advice you would share with vibers who struggle with consistency?

Just show up no matter what, don’t think about it and do not resist.

What is your favorite Post Vibe Refuel?

Juice made of cucumber, celery, carrot and beet.

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